Eating Noodles Packed in Styrofor

Just this morning, I went to Mini Stop to buy some noodles. Buying Nissin’s noodles cost a lot than Quickie, thus, I decided to buy Quickie. The price at Mini Stop is 19 bucks only and if I will buy this at Shopwise, it will cost cheaper. When it was lunch time at the office, I prepared the noodles and poured hot water over it. When I turned around to grab a chair, I saw the spilled soup on the table. Obviously it came from the styro cup containing the noodles. Luckily, right next to me is a cup. In order to prevent more soup to spill out from the styro cup, I put it in the cup and grabbed some scratch papers to clean it up. After cleaning the mess up, I continued to eat. While I was eating I inspected the styro cup since I did not find any hole at its butt. I discovered that there is a tiny hole at the side of the cup. And there’s even a small piece of styrofor hanging near the hole.

Realizations after this incident:
1. A Quickie cup noodle does not necessarily mean that it’s a quickie meal after all.
2. The potential hazards of eating food that are packed in styrofor.
3. It is still faster to eat a sandwich or a bread than a Quickie cup noodle.

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