Do it the Mongolian way

A Mongolian bowl meal is something that you should be careful in experimenting with. This could lead you to either disappointment or satisfaction. And the secret here is the sauce. The sauce that you would choose is something that would boost your appetite and should have an outcome that is described as an experience that you would want to do over and over again. Most of the ingredients that you could put into your bowl are vegetables. And if you are a carnivore, you can never do the Mongolian way. It would definitely be a category that should be added to Fear Factor just in case they have called all of the famous human species of the carnivorous kind.

Tofu is a-must add-on to your bowl. Be sure to get plenty of tofu because the meat that they are going to put on your bowl will be good for five bites. Garlic and onion is also a must add-on. They would certainly add flavor to your food. If you are the type who craves for something spicy, add the red chilli pepper bits into your bowl.

Remember, you should be careful in putting the ingredients to your bowl. We want to avoid mixing a particular ingredient with another ingredient. Red chilli peppers mixed with garlic can be a devastating experience for those who do not want chilli in their bowl.

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