Dirty Kitchen Album Review

Dirty Kitchen is Chris Carandang (vocals and guitar), Joel Alagao (lead guitar), Datu Arellano (guitar, e-bow and computer soundscapes), BJ Villanueva (bass) and Nick Formoso (drums). They released their album “DK – Dirty Kitchen” in 2006 and it’s an independent release where they did all the “dirty work” like marketing, logistics and photography. The tracks were recorded and mixed by Ariz Guinto at Wombworks studio and was mastered by Zach Lucero at Tweak Mastering Studio.

There are 14 tracks in this album, seven of which have lyrics in Filipino whilst the other seven are in English. The songs written in Filipino are very reminiscent of the classic pinoy rock fused with extended instrumentals.

The first track, “Gusto Niyang Sumayaw” talks about one’s frustration of today’s music being played on the radio which is an apt opening track to introduce to the listeners in their objective in making music that we can really be proud of. The second track, “Longganiza Blues” is a very fun music to listen to especially the guitar riffs that will send chills to your spine. The third track, “Ulan” is about one’s aggravation on the congested traffic situation and heat that’s plaguing the metropolis and thus, yearns for “ulan” (rain). The intro of this track is very graphic in a visual way, illustrating the traffic congestion in Metro Manila. The sixth track, “Sabak sa Dilim”, is a serious track about one’s desire to escape the chaotic society. The seventh track, “Nagbago na ang Mundo” would first make you think that it’s a Christian song. In fact, the song is very feminist. To sum it up, the said track says that male-dominating society is a thing of the past. The eighth track, “Butas”, is about the corrupted values that are slowly eating up the society. The last track of the album, “Manahimik Managinip” is the mellowest of the tracks written in Filipino. It’s a lullabye that will make you look forward tomorrow in spite of the heavy themes suggested in the other tracks such as “Sabak sa Dilim”, and “Butas”.

The tracks in this album that are written English have certain airiness in them. The fourth track, “Waves”, heavily uses metaphors illustrating the transition of one’s life to death. The fifth track, “Moon Song” is a love song and as well as other tracks in the album namely, “Like the Stars”, “Freedom”, “Ride”. The tenth track, “Like the Stars”, starts off with a slow and soothing sound and emphasizing the chorus with a heavy musical arrangement. The eleventh track, “Freedom” deviates from the airy sound that is evident in the English tracks in this album. The sound in this track may be described as a fusion of blues and jazz music. The ninth track, “2:15”, is indeed a sad song as it says in the lyrics itself. This is the shortest track in the album. Perhaps the title is based on the approximate length of the track. In the thirteenth track, “Into Grey”, the effects (perhaps a delay or a reverb was used) applied to the vocals is obvious which brings you to an ethereal mood. Though, in the instrumental part of this song, heavier arrangements were introduced.

Overall, the tracks in the album are not your average type of music. The album does not concentrate on only one theme and their sound is distinct. Thus, “DK Dirty Kitchen” is an album that’s worth listening to.

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