Dialogues with Louie Talan at Starbucks

Dialogues with Louie Talan

Louie Talan of Razorback and owner of Wombworks Inc. had a recent talk about investing in creativity (being a creative entrepreneur). It was such an inspiring talk. He related to us about how he wished he could have been more organized when he started Wombworks and also about his project on bringing music where indigenous instruments are used to United Kingdom since the project is with a producer from UK.

Even though he was not successful in getting sponsors for this project, he’s still optimistic about this project and he is still pushing through with it. I’m glad about how he’s still optimistic in spite of the difficulty of getting sponsors in funding the project.

In the event, I also learned about British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards where Louie Talan was the winner for the music category. For 2009’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards, the British Council will be sending a winner to UK on the categories: Fashion and Interactive.

By the way, thanks to Nina for the heads up about this. 🙂

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