Di Kita Love?!?

If you are a parent to a 3-year-old kid and he told you that “Di Kita Love” or even “Di Kita Bati”, how would you feel? I guess, that would be the worst thing to hear from your child even if he or she is just having moodswings. Just the thought of your son or daughter telling it to you right on your face would be the most hurting thing. In addition to that, that kind of statement from a child would rather give you a feeling of insecurity. Insecurity because one could react to it as to thinking that if his or her efforts in parenting his or her child are not enough and would lead to the thought of not being a good parent. Also, if the parents are separated, one could think that the other parent is brainwashing the child.
This what if question actually happened to my brother. I knew that my brother felt bad upon hearing this from one of his kids. I felt bad too because I know how much my brother love his sons. And I know that my brother wants to have full custody of his children rather than just spending with them only on weekends.

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