Defining the Path

I am 22. And definitely I am in the stage of the so-called Quarter-Life Crisis. People in this stage are usually from 20 to 25 years old. For the past year or so, I was already thinking what would happen to me after college? I was thinking of what career path to take. Will I be a corporate slave immediately after graduation day? Or will I bum around for a month or so and pursue my hobbies like engage myself in a photography workshop? Or will I be in the academic scene once again, being a teacher and a student at the same time? Well, it is really hard to choose. But which road will I take? Think about my passion first? Or think about the stability of my future? That’s indeed a difficult decision to make. Because the decision you will make now, will affect tomorrow.
But hey, I know that I can choose both.. a job that is my passion and rewarding at the same time. Now, my definite path would be to graduate first.

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