Defense 101

An hour before the thesis defense, my heartbeat went faster. And on that duration, I was practicing for our presentation. Then, our thesis coordinator saw us preparing and she joked,

Thesis Coordinator: Sa tingin ko, 90 percent na ikaw ang magprepresent (referring to our thesismate).
Groupmate1: Wag naman kayo magsalita ng ganyan miss (grinning and nervous at the same time)
Me and other thesismates: Hahaha!

We walked inside the room as if we are in the regional trial court waiting for the dramatic entrance of the three judges (our panelists) and our attorney (our thesis adviser). The panelists were then completed. Afterwards, I was about to speak but one of the panelists pointed to our thesismate (Groupmate 1) signalling that he should be the one to present. While he was presenting, our thesis adviser came to the rescue by adding some extra information. After a few minutes, our thesis adviser went out with one of the panelists.
The presentation ended and only two panelists were left. As the question and answer portion started, one panelist said.

Panelist 1: Halikayo may papakita ako sa inyo.

Then he showed to us a page on the draft of our thesis containing tallies of the word ayun made by our thesismate. The panelist added,

Panelist 1: Andami nun ah. 213 na ayun!

We all laughed after the panelist said it. After the question and answer portion, there was still no sign of Panelist 2. Thus, we waited for him until he arrived. Afterwhich, the deliberation has started. It’s as if they were giving a court ruling and our thesis adviser was there to defend us. After a long deliberation, the verdict was:

Minor Revisions only. Additional data for Robot Error Measurement. See if you could still improve the accuracy of the system implemented.

At long last, we were relieved after the long wait. All the 8pm-adjourns, the 530-am-print-until-there-is-no-more-ink, the weight-lifting-of-laptop, among others are definitely worthwhile.

And yes, our thesis group is like a basketball team. Our thesis adviser is our playing coach. He certainly plays good. A great rebounder, good in assists, a shooter, a blocker and most of all, great in defense tactics. We owe it all to him.

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