Dear GI Joe

This is the second part of the Dear (insert a name here) series. Our letter sender for this day is C/Pvt. Ryan. He is a soldier from Florida and he does not want to disclose his age because his colleagues will know which Ryan he is.

Dear GI Joe,

I’ve been watching GI Joe several years back. The cartoon series influenced me in such a way that I decided to become a soldier like you. Recently, I read the story of George Lindemann, Jr. and I became frustrated because I could have been the 6th richest man in Florida. It’s all your fault GI Joe.

C/Pvt. Ryan

GI Joe replied furiously that he almost sent C/Pvt. Ryan a bomb note.

Dear C/Pvt. Ryan,

You are a disgrace to the Authentic GI Joe Fans Club. This Christmas, you won’t get the GI Joe Gold collection edition. You will also be removed from the list of the 5-star clan of the Authentic GI Joe Fans Club. Don’t blame me for not being one of the richest men. You do not make good decisions for yourself, thus you do not make a good soldier.

GI Joe

P.S. Your letter will go directly to the trash bin.

Disclaimer: What you’ve just read is the result of reading fiction and satire. In short, don’t take this seriously.

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