Dayo: coming soon to theaters on December 2008

Official Teaser Trailer

Dayo is the first all-digital full-length animated feature film in the Philippines. The said film will be an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. Dayo is produced by Cutting Edge Productions and is directed by Robert Quilao.

Just yesterday, along with other bloggers, we were able to take a tour at the office of Cutting Edge Productions. Some artists there are using powerful Mac workstations that are connected to a Wacom display. They’re using the Digital Pro software. I’m really impressed on how they were able to put so much attention to detail.

Others are using the Toon Boom Animation studio on Linux workstations. They are the ones who put the color in this film. Aside from this, we were also able to listen to the musical score of the film and to see some of the editing that they’ve done.

I hope they’ll also release action figures like this in the future. 🙂

This film will certainly enjoyed by kids and adults alike. 🙂 Please check out Dayo’s official website.

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