Dad’s Post-Birthday Celebration

On our way to Dish

We celebrated Dad’s birthday last night at Dish which is located within the ABS-CBN compound. It was Retro Night and The Flintstones played there. The other guitarist dressed up like Carlos Santana while the other vocalist reminded me of the midget from the movie Austin Powers, but, he’s a taller version. I ordered Beef Salpicao with garlic rice which totally ruined my diet. My brother ordered an Ebi Tempura and my sister ordered Bulalo Steak. Since my digestive system is already sick of iced tea, I ordered a Banana shake instead which added another disaster to my diet. Apparently, I have been doing my best to try the South Beach Diet but occasions like birthdays prevent me from religiously following it.

After dinner, we had beer. Of course, we’re in a restaurant-bar and my stay would not be complete without a bottle of San Miguel Strong Ice. My brother offered me a beer and I was not able to resist the offer because it’s seldom that he would offer me a drink.

IO Videoke Bar, Deja Vu: Knowledge Channel logo

Perfect combination: A device for producing a sore throat (commonly known as the microphone) and Ginger Tea

Then, when Dad and my other relatives (the oldies) started dancing, we decided to go to IO (a videoke bar) which is located in front of Dish. My cousin Nina ordered for a Salabat Tea. The three of us (my sister, Nina, and me) drank it like we were having a ginpom drinking session. We never got to finish all the songs. In the middle of each song, my brother would press the Stop button so that we could start with the next one.

My cousin and her inspiration in singing I will Survive

The repertoire of songs that my brother chose were obscure from reason. Imagine, including a Backstreet Boys song and even Ice Ice Baby (by Vanilla Ice) at your list. I guess it’s just one of those days when my brother was really stressed from work and to release that stress–he must do something really humorous.

After one-hour of murdering the songs of various artists such as Semisonic, Maroon 5, Menudo and the like, we went back to Dish and after a few minutes we went home.

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