Dad’s Birthday

Tomorrow, Dad will be turning 56. He’s going to celebrate it with some relatives and friends at Siniloan, Laguna. We, his children will not be there. However, we will be celebrating it on Thursday, at Dish which is near ABS-CBN. He usually goes there with his officemates. I asked him who will play there on Thursday. He said that The Flintstones will play there. Hmmm… I expect that they will look like Fred Flintstone. And I guess they will be playing some stone age music.

I remember the last time when I told him to watch a gig with me at 70’s Bistro. Imago and Cambio were performing that night. I even introduced my Dad to the band members of Imago. And everytime I will be going out, he would ask me if I would watch Imago play. I also remember the last time he texted me that he was in UP Diliman. He was at the Rock EnRoll event. I was not there because it was my friend’s birthday. My Dad even bought a Che Guevarra shirt. I was happy for that because it is seldom that parents would also like the music that their children listen to. However, my mother does not like the music that I listen to. She calls it noise even if it sounds melodic to me. She likes listening to Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. The last time we went to Podium, she bought a Michael Buble audio CD. The only music that unites us (me and my Mom) is reggae. Tita Raquel burned for her a CD with some Bob Marley songs and other reggae classics.

I still do not have a gift for my Dad. I guess I will do a tumbler art. Something for his Starbucks tumbler. I’ll put some pictures of The Beatles there, which is his favorite band by the way. Well, I guess most people likes The Beatles. I would also put some pictures of my nephews and of course our (me and my siblings) pictures. Hmmm… what do you think?

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