Dad got a copy of The Bloomfields’ debut album

My Dad went to the album launch (the day of Lakan’s birthday – keyboardist of the band) of The Bloomfields in Eastwood City. He’s a big fan of The Bloomfields. When I got home, he showed me the album signed by all of them. When I looked at the album credits under Lakan’s name I saw DLSU 54th Eng Block EB. I had the chance to be in that section once for the subject Strength of Materials and yes, Lakan was my classmate then. During that time, we really had no interaction. I only found out that we became classmates when my friend Norman introduced me to them in one of their gigs (he was with Weedisneys then). Pepe Lozano was also with Weedisneys too. If I’m not mistaken that was the event that was organized by some organization in DLSU. It was held in Madison (the condominium near Kenny Rogers DLSU Taft).

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