Curiosity Strikes my Nephews

Lately, my nephews become so inquisitive which is a good sign rather since they are not afraid to communicate. However, some of their questions would haunt their father and answer back with,

“Tulog na tayo”

My nephews would usually have a certain dialogue with their Dad before going to sleep. They would ask questions like:

“Daddy, Love mo ba si Mommy?”

“Bakit dalawa bahay namin?”

“Daddy, ayaw mo ba akong mamatay?”

And they would sometimes rant this statement:

“Uwi ka na sa Paco Daddy”

Indeed, we were one of those dysfunctional families were our parents, and grandparents were separated after some time of getting married. My brother is part of the chain. Ideally, we all do not want to be part of the chain. But then again, sometimes, our decisions would tell if you’re going to be a part of it or not.

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