Cube Dwellers

Cube Dwellers (kyub dwe-lers) – [1] originally came from cubicle dwellers as Raquel of Palabok.Com put it. [2] members of the Corporate Slaves Society. [3] have a stock of food supply that will last until the end of the rainy season. [4] their favorite songs are the Sound of Silence, Kapag Tumibok ang Puso by Donna Cruz, and other popularized songs at their favorite noon-time show Wowowee. [5] Favorite topics of discussion other than work are, Piolo Pascual, Korean tele-novelas, and the latest showbiz chika from The Buzz. [6] favorite hobbies include betting, taking a vitamin C break at the gazebo, laughing, and most especially, eating.

And here’s the cast:

The Early Bird. If there’s a Jose Rizal Awardee, The Early Bird will surely get that one. And I hope you’re getting what I’m saying here.

The Cornick supplier. (AKA – OIC) The Cornick Supplier is obviously, the cornick supplier. Cornicks are available in different flavors. Garlic, spicy, name it, we got it! The Cornick supplier is also the cube clown.

Piola Pascual. The number one fan of Piolo Pascual. And her motivation in going to the office is Piolo’s picture pinned on the walls of our cube.

The Songbird. You won’t hear any Regine song but you would hear a Donna Cruz song from her as inpired by the headband.

The Cube Bully. Loves to drink the Chuckie of Piola. Also, the slowest of all the bulls. Is also the dear of The Cornick Supplier.

The Head. Popularized the Donna Cruz Headband and dangling earrings. Does not really dwell in our cube.

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