Creativity in Naming Establishments

Famealy Food and Sports Grill: Located at Leon Guinto, Manila

A distinct Filipino creativity can be seen in some of the establishments. A perfect example would be the Famealy Food and Sports Grill, which could have adopted the tagline: “Pang-pamilya na, pang-isports pa!” which would further lead you to a deja vu of seeing the famous rubber alcohol commercial (Clue: [Di lang pang-pamilya pang-isports pa sound on the background] Carlos Padilla holding the alcohol in his boxing referee get-up). Now, the menu of Famealy is somewhat interesting. Imagine, a menu title of Bunso, Ate, Kuya, Lolo, Lola, and the list goes on. Of course, every menu title has a description since it would really be hard to decipher the hidden messages of each title. This may require help from the FBI’s Cryptology Department.

Balut Eggspress: Located at MRT Ayala Station

I saw this interesting establishment at MRT Ayala Station for sometime. Instead of Express, they called it Eggspress which is another sign of a distinct Filipino creativity. A sub-title of “Eggs on the Go” could have made it more appealing to the public.

This realization has brought back college memories where activities in the College of Engineering should almost always have ENG with it. For example, ENGBA (COE’s Basketball Tournament – Deja vu: NBA), ENG Night (the traditional Variety show), KaENGan (COE’s Food Fest), and the list goes on. Having become a student for 5 years and 1 term at DLSU, it has become overused for me such that it didn’t make an impact to me after 2 years of being exposed to such events.

Okay, back to the topic. In naming establishments, I’ve noticed that some would change a spelling of a certain word or spoof an existing establishment and the like. Sometimes, you just don’t know if they came up with that name seriously or naming it after having a marijuana session.

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