Craving for Donuts etc.

As I passed by Pasay Road earlier and saw Greenbelt, I immediately had an unexplainable craving for donuts, Go Nuts Donuts in particular. I got off from the jeep and rushed to Greenbelt 3 where Go Nuts Donuts is located. Then, as I approached the counter, I was already of thinking what donuts should I order. At first, I was thinking if I will buy half a dozen or a dozen. But then, I suddenly thought of the people at home. It is because that in my previous experience, the donuts disappeared overnight. I guess it was one of those times when all of us craved for something sweet. It’s a good thing that the ant army were not present that time.

By the time I got out of the tricycle, I had an instinct that my brother’s bestfriend is at home. As I entered the house, I found him sitting at the sofa watching a movie again. He surely has a great timing or an ESP rather that he was able to sense that I will go home with a dozen donuts. After that, I told him that he really has a good timing.


My brother bought a DVD, the one where the main character is the girl from My Sassy Girl. It is entitled The Classic. I wonder what the movie is all about.

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