Costume Ideas

I’ve been looking for ideas over the net for a costume to wear on our Christmas party. And I end up thinking of Trinity’s The Matrix with an ultra-short trench coat which means, just a blazer. Haha! Then I started thinking of Anime. And all I can think of is Anbu Kakashi of Naruto. I’ve been to and I’ve seen a lot of neat Naruto Cosplayers there. Of course I won’t get my hair dyed blonde just for that. Maybe if I could find a wig to wear that I could style, then that would be an option. I just have to check our cabinet for old jackets that could be quite similar to the one that Anbu’s wearing. The footwear for Anbu is pretty easy. I have a couple of Birks and I could just tore down a pair of black socks. For the headband, I could just borrow my brother’s headband and improvise the silvery material on it. As for the pants, I should be able to find at least a jogging pants that is colored orange.

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