Core of Soul

Core of Soul is a Japan-based female-fronted pop/rock group trio. They are composed of Nakamura Fukiko, Song Rui, and Iizuka Keisuke.The last one on the picture performed with them for the recently-concluded J-Pop event at Shangri-La Plaza’s Streetscape. The band announced that they will be disbanding this March 24, 2006. They have produced six albums since they were formed in 1998. The six albums are: Natural Beauty (February 27, 2002), ‘Over the Time’ Time is Over (February 19, 2003), Rainbow (mini album – October 22, 2003), 3 (February 24, 2004), One Love, One Day, One Life (January 25, 2006) and Best (March 15, 2006). They have released 9 singles and have released a Music Video Collection in DVD format.

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