Conducted two seminars

I just finished conducting two seminars. The seminar last week was all about integrating Microsoft Excel with basic accounting and the other one is about the trends in web design. You may find it quite weird that I gave a seminar on integrating MS Excel with basic accounting. I really did not know why it should be me. Anyway, I have knowledge on using MS Excel especially in my first work where I used it mainly for recording statistical data and doing analysis. I also have knowledge in basic accounting simply because we’ve had that kind of curriculum when I was in high school and it was also part of our ENGECON (Engineering Economics) course way back in college.

I’m still happy though that the teachers (public school teachers) were able to use it. One of my students approached me earlier and told me that she was able to transfer what she learned from the seminar to her student whom she was coaching for a contest. I felt happy about it. 🙂

In the web design seminar, I felt that there is a lot to be discussed but the time allotted was really short that I have to squeeze in the basics. I introduced to them CSS (cascading stylesheets). And so, they discovered that MS Internet Explorer is not 100 percent web standards compliant. 😀 I’m also glad with their outputs even if it is just a simple web page design. I admire their passion to learn new things and it has inspired me more to do better. 🙂

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