Coincidence or what?

Last Friday, I was just playing with the stress ball. Then, I put it on my desk after my going back to my childish ways ritual. You see, this kind of ritual makes me feel younger and let’s face it, we’re getting older and older each day and a 5-minute ritual like this makes me feel good and erm… stress-free. Then, my seatmate in the office told me to look at the ball. Read more to get surprised where it was located after putting it on the desk.

And I was surprised to find out that the ball seems to be suspended in mid-air but it’s not since it is being held by the tangled wire coming from the laptop. And because this is certainly a Kodak-moment and in times like this when I have my camera with me, I immediately took out my camera out of my bag and took a picture of it. We were laughing like crazy. We really did not know how the ball came to be in this kind of position and we have a theory that there’s a poltergeist making fun of mortals like us and placed the ball in between the wire.

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