Cinematic Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that upon the moment you wake up, your memory is still fresh of what your subconscious mind was thinking? It is fresh just like watching a movie and remembering each scene and dialogue in full detail. It is just like being there where you are the writer, the director, cinematographer of your own dream and also, the main character as well.

I have had cinematic-like dreams. One of those dreams was interpreted by a certain PEXer. I was surprised by the way he interpreted it, where how trivial the object may seem, its meaning could go beyond than what people would usually think. For instance, you were drinking a glass of water (any beverage will do–even if its Slurpee at 7-11), and according to the interpreter, it means that you are not that contented.
I have had a dream just last night. And yes, it was a cinematic dream. I wrote it so that I won’t forget anything. I tried interpreting it and then I then realized that it was very much connected of what has transpired these past few days. And also, that dream was not meant to be finished. Why? Because I am the writer, the director, and the cinematographer of my own dream. Watching good movies or dreaming is not synonymous to movies or dreams that can be comprehended easily as if you are reading a For Dummies book. Movies like that will give you some time to practice your creativity, it’s either you create your own ending or if there will be a sequel to it, or you will just end it just like that. And the same thing goes for dreaming.

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