Christmas Party Presentations: The Guide

When we were still in grade school and high school, we were asked to come up with a presentation or two for our Christmas party. In college, Christmas parties of organizations are the ones who usually prepare presentations. Now, company Christmas parties mandate Christmas presentations.

First, never ever forget to dance the Pinoy Big Brother theme (Pinoy Ako) Christmas remix version. All Christmas parties should have that kind of presentation. It’s already mandatory.

Second, if you have two left feet, then you should just sing. It could be Pinoy Ako Christmas remix, the song sang by Sam Milby and Say Alonzo (Magmahal Muli) and or the one sang by Sam Milby alone (Falling in Love). A Pinoy Big Brother atmosphere should never be absent in your Christmas Party. It should always be there.

Then, if someone would be dancing already and you would still want to get on the microphone even if it fears you, sing a Hale or Cueshe song. The crowd would sing with you and they’ll never hear your voice.

If you have dreams of being in theater, make the script as if you are in some fantaserye. Do not forget to include Panday, Darna, Valentina, Marina, and the characters from Encantadia, Sugo, Kampanerang Kuba and the like. Make it as the Pinoy version of the Justice League. Make sure that there’s a part that everybody will sing and dance as the heroes and heroines triumph over evil.

Move over Lito Camo, for the days of the Novelty Songs are slowly drowning. Just concentrate on Datu Puti.

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