Christmas Parties

I just went Christmas party hopping. First, I went to the Christmas party of Grabeh.Com. It has been a long time since I saw my friends there except for AJ and Eych since we were hanging out at Xaymaca last Friday after dropping by at NU107 to meet Bels. There were a few first-timers and there were Grabeh veterans or pioneers (which sounds better because you won’t look oldie enough) rather. We had a very exciting game of charades. Haha! I just love that game. Imagine, if the list would contain Mr. Snuffleupagus, The Count of Monte Cristo and Feliz Navidad, the game would really be challenging thinking of silly hints. But then, our theme for the charades is Christmas. Thus, the words that were being acted out are Parol, Tatlong Hari, Christmas lights, Bibingka and the like.

Nevertheless, bibingka is a much challenging word than Baby Jesus which is a whole lot easier to act out. I just do not know if they just blurt out the words that would come to their mind or they really have a secret language that men could only understand. And sometimes, giving clues such as the number of words might be a bit confusing. It’s for the fact that they might have mistaken it as the first word is the number three and stuff like that. What made the game more complicated is that only one from the group will have to answer and the rest will act out.

After that, I went to another Christmas party which is about 10 to 15 minutes away from the area depending the traffic flow at Jupiter Street in Makati. I arrived there and it was really a small world because I don’t know that my other friend would be there. It turned out that we have common friends. And yes, it was another one of those Friendster connection issues. And guess what, I played some music for them. Did some covers and originals. I wish that my friend Pam was there so that she could be my vocalist. It turned out that I have no choice but to sing in front of them while playing my brother’s acoustic guitar. The organizer of the party just requested me to render some song numbers. But I tell you, I suck at singing. I’m really no good at it. I can sing a tune but I am not a great singer.

After the party, I went home and even I have gone Christmas party hopping, I still cannot feel the spirit of Christmas. It’s not like before, during my younger days where I get too excited in the months of September (the start of the BER months) since it’s one of those signs that Christmas is near. Maybe because when we get older, things become different, or I guess maybe it’s just the times.

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