Chona Mae Banaag (July 26, 2004 – October 16, 2004)

It was just recently when I discovered the blog Chona in the City: The Adventures of Super Chona. From then on, I started reading her entries and it became my daily habit everytime I go online. Everytime I checked Chona’s blog, the number of comments would almost always be ranging from 50 to 100.

I remember there that I read a comment from a certain Anonymous. He said that Chona si fake yadda yadda. Of course, we would all certainly know that it is indeed a fictional blog. But I won’t care if it is fictional or not, what mattered to me is that I enjoyed reading her entries. Let me quote one of the entries that I have read from Chona’s blog,

“i will not sleep yet. i will wait for 12. is very exciting.. =)” –Chona

And her last entry,

“Tapos na ang himala.” –Chona

To Chona, thank you for amusing me everytime I go online.

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