Chat with Paramita at Yehey

Paolo of Yehey! Chat just posted in the Paramita mailing list. He made an announcement that on February 7 at 3pm, you will have a chance to chat with Paramita. You may also view their webcam. All you need is your Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo ID for that. Read more for Paolo’s email.

Hi everybody!

Paramita’s making their way to Yehey!

Just log in to Yehey! Chat on February 7 at 3:00PM (GMT +8) so you won’t miss out on the fun. Here’s your chance to chat with your favorite band and ask things you want to know.

For more info about the event, go here.

To view the webcam during the chat session, please use Yahoo! Messenger (YM). Add yeheychatevent ID to your YM contacts.

You must be a Yehey! member to use Yehey! Chat. If you’re not yet a member, register here:


Chatters may enter the #yehey! chat room at any time before or during the Paramita event.

In order to ensure a focused and enjoyable chat session for everyone, we will set the chat room to MODERATED during the first 30 minutes, which means only the band members and the chat room Ops (operators/moderators) are able to chat in the open. All other chat guests may watch and read what is shared during the Q&A.

We thought of implementing this so we can do things in a relatively orderly fashion during chat events. After the Q&A time, the room will be open for all chatters to talk to the guests. You may send in your questions in advance so we can include them in the questions list. Post your questions here:

See you all online!


Paolo of Yehey! Chat

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