Upon arrving at school, me and my thesismate went to the Faculty to look for our panel chair so that he could sign our Defense Approval Sheet. After signing it, he said:

Panel Chair: Napili yung thesis nyo na i-exhibit sa Festival Mall. Pag-usapan natin yung details bukas.

After he closed the door, surprise and excitement filled the air. I was not expecting something like this. In fact, I was expecting that the other group will be chosen. I felt honored and at the same time it was a humbling experience. I remembered one time when we were demonstrating our thesis to the visitor, the robot did not go to the spot where we specified it. Of course there is a scientific explanation for that.
As I walked the corridor of Velasco, I said to my thesismate:

Karla: Yes! Gagraduate na tayoooooh!!! Woohoooo!!! (louder than my normal voice but not loud to be heard at the whole 2nd floor of Velasco)

I almost jumped for joy. With the completion of signatures, I felt like a champion carrying an invisible trophy. The real trophy for this hard work is our diploma, which we will be receiving a month after the commencement exercises. And this is dedicated to God, my family and friends, to our mentor (our thesis adviser) who has helped us and supported us all throughout, and to all of you reading this.

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