Champ and Kitchie Nadal Mash-Up Review

Champ and Kitchie at Coke Music Studio - 4
Champ and Kitchie

Since Champ and Kitchie Nadal sometimes get to be in the same gig together, I haven’t noticed any awkward moments during their rehearsals. Also, I think Champ’s band are great performers especially that Monty Macalino (vocalist and guitarist extraordinaire of Mayonnaise) is one of them.

Champ and Kitchie at Coke Music Studio - 6

Karel Honasan (bassist of Yosha) helped Kitchie Nadal and Champ with their mash-up collaboration for the songs “Bulong” (by Kitchie Nadal) and “Hanging Habagat” (by Champ). Both Champ and Kitchie Nadal liked the arrangement that Karel made for them.

Champ and Kitchie at Coke Music Studio - 5

For me, I think it would be more interesting if it came out sounding as a new song and not as a typical medley. The song started off with the intro of “Bulong” and after progressing to the first stanza, at some point, both songs will meet and will finally progress to ‚ÄúHanging Habagat‚Äù. The song ended up with them singing the last part of “Hanging Habagat” while guitars for “Bulong” were being played. Nevertheless, I like how the song ended.

Champ and Kitchie at Coke Music Studio - 2

Watch out for the next mash-up.

Check out the backstage photos of Champ and Kitchie here:

Check out the mash-up of “Bulong” (by Kitchie Nadal) and “Hanging Habagat” (by Champ):

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