Champ and Kitchie Nadal at Coke Music Studio

Champ and Kitchie at Coke Music Studio - 2
Champ and Kitchie

The last Coke Music Studio featured the mash-up of Callalily and Kiss Jane. They are both bands. This time, they are featuring both solo artists who belonged to a band once. These solo artists are: Champ and Kitchie Nadal.

Champ and Kitchie at Coke Music Studio - 4
Champ and Kitchie

The songs that they’ll mash-up together are “Hanging Habagat” (by Champ) and “Bulong” (by Kitchie Nadal). “Hanging Habagat” was the first single released by Champ while “Bulong” was one of the singles released under Kitchie Nadal’s album “Kitchie Nadal”.

I think the challenge to this mash-up is that Champ’s “Hanging Habagat” is less upbeat than that of Kitchie Nadal’s “Bulong”. It would be interesting to find out how would they mash up the lyrics together without sounding “trying hard”. I just hope that it won’t sound like they just did a medley of “Bulong” and “Hanging Habagat”.

About Champ

Champ and Kitchie at Coke Music Studio - 5

Champ was then the front-man of the band Hale which lasted from 2004-2010. As a solo artist, Champ released an album in November 2010. The name of the album is “Synergy.”

About Kitchie Nadal

Champ and Kitchie at Coke Music Studio - 1
Kitchie Nadal

Kitchie Nadal was then the front-woman of the band Mojofly. Kitchie Nadal left Mojofly in 2003 (she has been with the band since 1999 before she left) to become a solo artist.

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In addition, check out the behind-the-scenes photos of the mash-up of Kitchie Nadal and Champ at

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