Central BBQ Boy Grill

Central BBQ Boy Grill is a perfect place to have your beer drinking sessions. If you are a San Miguel beer drinker, San Mig Light will only cost you 25 bucks a bottle and San Mig Strong Ice will only cost you 28 bucks a bottle. Bars normally would charge you around 40 to 60 bucks per bottle. Aside from the ice cold beers that they serve, they also grilled pulutan treats with interesting names such as Inihaw na Ba? Boy (Grilled Pork Belly), Tery-Yaky-Boy (Grilled Chicken Teriyaki), Fish be with you Boy (grilled tilapia), Chicboy Inasal (Grilled chicken inasal), Boy Negro (Grilled squid), Baby Boy (grilled pork ribs), Nangamatis na itlog ni Boy (itlog na maalat ensalada), Italong mo kay Boy (grilled eggplant ensalada), That’s My Boy (sizzling sisig), Hellboy (Spicy beef curry), Boy Kabute (sizzling garlic mushroom), BBQ Boy (pork barbecue), BBQ Chick (chicken barbecue), Streetboys – Vhong (Isaw), Streetboys – Jhong (betamax if I’m not mistaken), Streetboys – Sphencer (another streetfood however, I forgot what it’s supposed to be called), Hotdog ni Boy (grilled jumbo hotdog) and Frankie Boy (grilled german franks). In their menu they have this icon placed beside each item. The icon stands for Try mo Boy. In short, that particular item is one of their specialties. I was able to try their BBQ Boy and it is indeed a must try. The place is not your typical bar since you will get to drink literally on the street which is something that we usually do before when I was still in college together with my neighborhood drinking buddies. You could even go there wearing just your homey clothes. Hehe!

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