Callalily and Kiss Jane Mash-up review

Callalily and Kiss Jane - Coke Music Studio - 4
Jaq and Kean

The episodes featuring Callalily‚Äôs and Kiss Jane‚Äôs rehearsals looks fun. Well, the idea of collaborating with another artist is really exciting for another recording artist because of the creativity they put in their musical arrangement. I think they are also thrilled working with Raimund Marasigan with their musical arrangement. Raimund Marasigan‚Äôs bands are under the management of Soupstar Entertainment where Callalily also belongs. Continue reading “Callalily and Kiss Jane Mash-up review”

Kiss Jane and Callalily at Coke Music Studio Season 2

Callalily and Kiss Jane - Coke Music Studio - 3
Jaq (of Kiss Jane) and Kean Cipriano (of Callalily)

When I heard ‚ÄúLiwanag‚Äù (by Callalily) and ‚ÄúLagi‚Äù by Kiss Jane, I actually couldn‚Äôt imagine how those two songs can be mashed up. ‚ÄúLiwanag‚Äù is more upbeat than that of ‚ÄúLagi‚Äù. In addition, the sound of the guitars in ‚ÄúLagi‚Äù makes use of the instrument‚Äôs natural sound without adding heavy effects unlike in ‚ÄúLiwanag‚Äù. Also, the voice of Jaq is suitable to songs that are slow but does not sound heavy. Continue reading “Kiss Jane and Callalily at Coke Music Studio Season 2”

Why hello there Eraserheads The Heads Set

Eraserheads Box Set Photos: The Heads Set

UPDATE:I made a correction in the post. There are 10 CDs and one DVD.Just yesterday, Juned shared the news that he won a box set of Eraserheads. So, we went to his home and took a look at it. Indeed, it’s the Eraserheads Box Set! Anyway, Greenwich will be coming up with a promo and you can purchase the Eraserheads Box Set at a lower price. 😀 Continue reading “Why hello there Eraserheads The Heads Set”

Congratulations to the Winners of the tickets to Alive Out There

Due to technicalities, the contestants who joined:

Francis Raymond Santos
Noreen Daypuyat
Jogs Ganiron
Allan Rizare

just won the tickets!!! Yay!!! There’s no need to draw anymore since each participant may only win once. To the winners, I will send you your online tickets courtesy of Globe Telecoms. Thanks for joining 😀

Get a chance to win FREE Online Concert Tickets to Pelicola.TV’s “Alive Out There”

urbandub first decade alive out there

To all Urbandub fans out there, I’m running a contest sponsored by Globe Tattoo wherein four fans will get a chance to win tickets to the online concert “Alive Out There: Urbandub’s First Decade”. What’s special about this online concert (also brought to you by Pelicola.TV) is that you can switch camera angles and watch the online concert in HD. Continue reading “Get a chance to win FREE Online Concert Tickets to Pelicola.TV’s “Alive Out There””

Three music videos launched by Drip

Drip X3 - 49

Last January 29, Drip launched three music videos (“Blood Letting”, “Blind”, and “Turning Grey”) from their album Identity Theft. It was held in The Gallery at Greenbelt 5. Even though it’s not a perfect venue for music events, I enjoyed it while listening to Drip’s performance. Continue reading “Three music videos launched by Drip”

Black Box by Archipelago – The Music Video that I’ve been Waiting for

Archipelago’s Black Box music video has three directors (Ming Kai Leung, Anocha Suwichakornpong and Marie Jamora) and was shot in three different locations, New York, Bangkok and Philippines. Two different women living in two different locations but both have lost their respective loved ones from a plane crash. The music video has a brilliant concept. Watch it. 🙂

I’ve been waiting for their music video to come out and it was premiered on Myx January 10, 2010, 10pm (binary numbers! 😀 ). If you like to vote for the video:

MYX VOTE BLACK BOX send to 2366

Asia’s Titanic in National Geographic Asia

MV Dona Paz model

Remember when an oil tanker named “Vector” and a passenger ship named “MV Dona Paz” collided several years ago? That is what Asia’s Titanic is all about. It was directed by Yam Laranas and this is the first locally-produced documentary for National Geographic. Continue reading “Asia’s Titanic in National Geographic Asia”