My Sassy Girl

We just watched My Sassy Girl on VCD. The thing is, there are two disc 2’s. To satisfy my unending curiosity on why they all loved the movie, we just watched the disc two of My Sassy Girl. My Sassy Girl is a Korean film and it is a love story. You would really be amazed on how would things turn out at the end.
If you are destined for each other, it does not mean that you have to be together now. In the end, love will certainly find a way to let your paths cross again.
Truly, that is what amazing about life and love as well. Some things are just too coincidental and some things happen unexpectedly at a snap.

Spider-Man 2

Warning: To those who are reading this right now, this post may contain spoilers for those who have not watched Spider-Man 2.
I just watched Spider-Man 2 with my brother and my nephews at SM Bicutan. The best scene here is the “Train Scene” where Spider-Man stopped a train from falling a broken railway. I just find it weird that why should his mask be removed at that scene. A number of people are already there and his identity should be kept secret.
The gist of the story just revolves around MJ and Peter Parker. Spider-Man 2 is more of a love story with a twist of action. In the latter part of the movie, I was reminded of the Runaway Bride. Hehe.