The Classic

The Classic is another film made by the director of My Sassy Girl, Jae-young Kwak. The Classic is a Korean melodrama (classic in its sense) which is the exact opposite of My Sassy Girl. However, the movie seems to be dragging such that I have been waiting for its credits to be shown on the screen.

The movie begins with a song that will remind you of the movie My Sassy Girl which is not a good strategy since The Classic would only be compared to that movie. Then, the college student Chi-hye, who looks like she always has a bad hair day, discovers a box that contains a diary and letters from her father. But what got her to dig deeper is that when she saw a letter from a man named Chun-ha. Then, the movie flashes back as if Chi-hye has a very creative imagination that she’s like watching another Korean melodrama where the story is a love triangle between her parents (Chu-hui and Tae-Su) and Chun-ha. It’s like Chu-hui and Chun-ha had a summer love affair considering the fact that Chu-hui was arranged to be married to Tae-Su.

Also, Chi-hye has also her love problems which is another typical storyline where there is love triangle of girl-guy-and-bestfriend-of-girl type just like to the experience of Chi-hye’s mother that experienced a love triangle where it is described as the guy-girl-and-bestfriend-of-guy type. In her mother’s experience, Tae-su gives way for his bestfriend Chun-ha. When their parents knew about what happened, Tae-su gets the beating of his life even if he could use his height to his advantage by bullying his own father. But since it is The Classic, the more appropriate way is for him to subject himself into beating. Then, Tae-su has so much angst inside him and has attempted suicide, but he failed. Her mother then ends up marrying Tae-su.

There seems to be a problem in casting Son Yeh-jin as the Chi-hye’s mother (in her college days_ and as Chi-hye. Imagine, if your sister then watches with you without starting the movie, she would not get the drift. Your sister would irritate you with questions such as

“Sino yan?”

And being bombarded with some reactions like

“Di ko maintindihan”

Then of course, if you were able to watch My Sassy Girl before watching this film. You would notice the soundtrack of both movies are similar which leads me to thinking that they do not have enough audio CD’s. You would also notice Chi-hye’s character having the necessary sassy qualities. This was evident when she shooes the dove away after seeing it on her windowsill. In addition to that, you will notice some scenes (Vietnam war scenes in particular) that will remind you of the movie Forrest Gump.

With regards to the performance of the characters, I was not impressed with Sang-min. His being cute cannot even compensate to his dull performance.

Story: 2 out of 5
Cinematography: 3 out of 5
Crying factor: 4 out of 5

Before Sunset

Just this afternoon, I was able to watch the movie Before Sunset which stars Ethan Hawke as Jesse and Julie Delpy as Celine, and directed by Richard Linklater. Both Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are Co-writers of this film. Before Sunset is a sequel to the movie Before Sunrise (1995).

Some Spoilers
Mainly, the movie revolves around the two characters where 9 years ago, they were supposed to meet up in Vienna, and apparently, the girl didn’t show up. After that, they found each others path again at the final stop of Jesse’s book tour in Paris. Then, they were having a conversation while walking to a certain coffee shop and their topic is the usual what’s-new-type. Then they walked towards the park while having conversations. Then, Jesse asked why the Celine didn’t show up at Vienna. Celine said that her grandmother died. After that, Jesse asked her,

“What if your grandmother died a week before or after the day we’re supposed to meet?”

That particular question relevant is indeed to the ones who have also asked the question “What happened to the one that got away?”

Then, Celine suggested to go back at the bookshop because he has to be by the airport at around 7pm. As they passed by a certain port, Jesse suggested to ride at the ferry and asked Celine if she has a cellphone. Jesse then borrowed it and asked his driver to pick him up at the next port. They were having conversations again, something pertaining to what happened between those 9 years. They had a certain look on their faces telling that “I was there too and we could have bumped in to each other”. Imagine, one of those instances was that on the day of Jesse’s wedding, he thought he saw Celine.

Okay, enough of story telling because I do not want to spoil the ending. I do not want to say if Jesse left for Paris or not. Haha!

The movie is very simple, no special effects, and only focused on the two main characters. It is not the typical love story where there has to be lovemaking and some kissing scenes as well. It is somewhat realistic in its sense because that kind of shit (pardon for the word) happens such that someone you love marries another person, someone marries because he got the girl pregnant and that someone is not happy with his life even though he became successful in his chosen field.

However, I find it odd that Celine, as an environmentalist, is smoking. She could have thought about that she contributes to the Global Warming.

In addition, Paris is indeed the perfect setting because it instantly sets the romantic mood.

Screenplay: 5 out of 5
Story: 5 out of 5
Dialogues: 5 out of 5

Road to Fame

Last Monday night, my Dad used the computer because he had to finish some documents. Because I know that he will use the computer longer than the usual, I opted to watch something on TV. I tuned in to Star World. Thus, I was able to watch the show Road to Fame (aired every Monday, 10pm). First, I saw a video clip of Jerry Seinfield doing a standup comedy and that was even way before he got a break in his career in show business. After that, my eyes were glued on the TV screen.

I’ve seen a lot of amusing video clips. One of which is a video clip of Alanis Morisette singing a pop tune. She was still a teenager back then. I was not able to recognize her easily but the bestfriend of my brother did. Then, I also saw a video clip of Jim Carrey doing a standup comedy. I was able to recognize him easily because of his antics. Haha! A video clip of Tiger Woods was also shown when he was still a toddler. He has his own golf club which I think was made for his size. He played some golf but he was not able to shoot the ball. Instead he just rolled the ball towards the hole after the unsuccessful attempts.

Aside from those that I have mentioned, a young Celine Dion was shown which looked exactly like her. I was also able to observe that they way she moved (while singing) when she was young was still the same until now. Also, before Oprah became a talkshow host, she was in a show where she would pick up some numbers and then dial the telephone to call the lucky winner.

It’s a good thing I was able to catch the show. I guess I would be watching more of its coming episodes in the future. Hehe.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles (copyright by Disney and Pixar)

If you’re looking for something to watch where you do not seem to be in a cheesy mode but rather, in a laughing mode, then you should watch The Incredibles. The Incredibles give you back your kiddo days as you watch the family of super heroes fight the evil forces. The Incredibles are Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Violet and Dash. Other heroes in the movie are Frozone, Edna Mode and Syndrome (formerly known as Incrediboy). Enumerated below are their superpowers and weaknesses as well.

Elastigirl (voice by Holly Hunter)
Superpower: Flexibility, and Agility, Durability, Leaping ability
Weakness: New Clothes

Mr. Incredible (voice by Craig T. Nelson)
Superpower: Strength, and Agility, Durability, Leaping ability
Weakness: Dessert

Violet (voice by Sarah Vowell)
Superpowers: Invisibility and Force Field, and Agility, Durability
Weakness: Little brothers

Dash (voice by Spencer Fox)
Superpowers: Speed, Acceleration, Reflexes
Weakness: Authority

Edna Mode: Fashion designer for the supers
Strength: Super style
Weakness: Temper

Frozone (voice by Samuel Jackson)
Superpowers: Super cool, Agility and Acrobatics, Skating ability
Weakness: Fire

Syndrome (voice by Jason Lee)
Superpowers: Super villain, and Extreme wealth, Lack of conscience, Weapon technology

The Story
Before, super heroes were recognized until someone sued Mr. Incredible for saving his life for the reason that he does not want to be saved. There were other complaints against him like the damages made on buildings and such. Then, a law mandated all the superheroes to act like normal people and prohibiting them to do superhero work. From then on, they live a normal life until one day, Mr. Incredible got fired at the Insurance Company he’s working for and Syndrome (formerly known as Incrediboy) contacted him through his wife. Suddenly, Mr. Incredible discovered that his invitation there is a trap to kill him, just like what happened to the other supers. Unfortunately, he was trapped and the rest of The Incredibles came to the rescue.

What I’ve got to say
This is the movie to watch, not just because of its neat computer graphics and sound effects but as well as the wit and sarcasm of the writer as well. I just love how the dialogues were done. With regards to the story itself, it’s like another one of those conspiracy-theory type of movies where the ally of the villain would then secretly help the protagonists in this film. Also, this movie reminded me of something like an obsessed fan (Incrediboy) that was put down by his idol (Mr. Incredible) and has come back (Incrediboy turned Syndrome) for revenge but backfired.
With regards to the characters, the super heroes themselves, their superpowers have been common in DC Comics and Marvel Comics as well. Elastigirl reminds me of Mr. Fantastic because they have the same superpower which is flexiblity. Mr. Incredible reminded me of several superheroes such as Thing, Incredible Hulk, and Super Man (without the flying ability, X-ray vision, speed, reflexes and his weakness for Kryptonite). Violet reminded me of Invisible Man (I know there is such thing but I’m not pretty sure if it’s a man or a woman). In addition to that, when I first saw her on the film, she looked like Sadako (from the movie Ringu) because her hair was all over her face. She also reminded me of Wednesday Addams because during the first part of the movie, she has a dull voice. Then, Dash reminded me of the superhero Flash because they have the same abilities. If Violet reminded me of Wednesday Addams, Dash reminded me of Pugsley because of the prank he played on his teacher.

Computer Graphics – 5 out of 5
Sound direction – 4 out of 5
Voice casting – 4 out of 5
Story – 3 out of 5
Laughing factor – 5 out of 5

Super Size Me

I didn’t know that this particular documentary was shown at Rockwell for a few days. I got this information from Marvin’s blog. I already heard of this documentary ages ago. This documentary reminded me of my thesismate. When we were in our third year college, McDonald’s had a promo where Quarter pounders were available for a cheaper price. Then, he abused the promo by eating two quarter pounders a day. That routine continued until he got hospitalized for having gall stones. Then, he was given medication first before undergoing an operation. The side effect of the medication is that your skin will not be of natural color anymore. Your skin will turn into color yellow. After a series of medications and observations, the doctors suggested that he should be operated instead.

After that kind of experience, my thesismate started to eat something healthy and he became overly conscious of what he’s eating. In the movie Super Size Me, the director subjected himself to eat at McDonald’s for 30 days and have himself checked up for changes in his cholesterol level and such. However, Super Size Me is not just all about McDonald’s. It is all about the fastfood chains and its effects to our health if we would only be eating fastfood for the rest of our lifetime.

Feng Shui

WARNING: If you have not watched Feng Shui yet, close your eyes then skip this entry. Hehe.

I just watched Feng Shui with my friends at Robinsons Place Manila. I was annoyed of some of the people inside the moviehouse because the movie was just about to start and I already heard someone screaming.

The movie has a nice cinematography and the musical score is very effective indeed. However, I have noticed some loop-hole in the story itself. Kris Aquino could have just tried calling Lotlot de Leon or Illonah Jean. She just went straight ahead to Illonah Jean’s house without even calling her. Also, the movie has become predictable. In the movie, Lotlot is born under the Year of the Horse. Then, when she is about to close the window, a drunk man was calling her. My prediction was she was going to be killed by the man who (maybe) drank some Red Horse Beer. And yes, she was indeed killed by the drunk man. She fell of the window and her body was found over the cases and bottles of Red Horse Beer. Also, I have noticed that the film is like a rip-off of Ringu and The Eye.
But, I think that this movie is one of the best Filipino Horror movies that I have seen.

The Notebook

My sister, Mom, and I went to the cinema to watch The Notebook. The story reminded me of one of Dawson’s lines at Dawson’s Creek. The main gist of what Dawson said is that if you are meant to be, it does not mean that you have to be together now.
This movie is based on Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook. I haven’t read the novel yet. Thus, I cannot conclude if the movie has missed some important parts of the novel or not.

The Buzzer?!?

I was watching TV this afternoon. They were watching The Buzz for my Mom’s update on what’s the newest Showbiz Chika. Then, there was a segment on the show quoting some celebrities. Let’s start with…

Celebrity number one:
The Buzz: Share ka naman ng tips mo sa pag-maintain ng makinis mong kutis.
Celebrity 1: Gumagamit ako ng ACETONE.

My comment: And when did acetone become some sort of a facial wash? Geesh. Acetone is used for removing nail polish and not for removing pimples. And for you celebrity number one… *Buzzer sound*

Celebrity number two:
As for celebrity 2, The Buzz questions her about gambling.
Celebrity 2: Hindi ako MILLIONARY!!!

My comment: And yes you are not a millionary because there is no such thing as millionary. It is supposed to be millionaire. And for you celebrity number two… *Buzzer sound*

Sometimes, I do not know if they are just really innocent or playing innocent or they just wanted to make people laugh. But then, it is very alarming that some celebrities speak in that manner thinking that a lot of people, their fans so to speak, look up to them. And what could be the horrifying result? The people that look up to them may imitate them (not for the fun of imitating). And this may further result to an increase of the number of people that are not much fluent in the universal language.

Keen Eye for the Movie Guy

Would you bother watching a film just to find out its errors? If you do, then, you watch movies differently just like the creators of MovieMistakes.Com. In fact, the blockbuster hit Spider-man 2 has reached 44 errors and I am not sure if they are still counting. And yes, Spider-man 1 has also several errors like its sequel.

Some errors in the movie are:

Example of a Factual Error
In the scene where Peter Parker is at class in college, his professor asks for eigenvalues. Peter promptly answers in electron volts. Eigenvalues deal with linear algebra and matrices, and have no units. An electron volt is an energy unit, particularly for atomic and nuclear processes.

Example of a Continuity Error
As Mary Jane is reunited with John Jameson after Spider-Man lowers her down from the crane, one shot shows tears along Spider-Man’s suit along the left leg while he is crouching. However, in a later shot, he stands up to swing away and the tears are now running along his right leg.

Example of a Plot Hole
During Doc Ock’s first fusion presentation, he has decided not to thoroughly pre-test the experiment, not provide eye protection for his guests, not provide any barrier between his guests and a fusion reactor, not provide an easy to find “kill switch” (pulling out bundles of unwieldy cables is not an easy disconnect), not have a back-up set of arms, to test in a room full of metal objects (we know that magnetism is a problem; he mentions that the arms must be resistant to magnetism), and to test an experimental fusion reactor in an unshielded apartment building in the middle of crowded New York City. It is possibly the worst planned experiment ever. This goes way beyond being “assured that everything will go as planned.”

Hard -to-find Movies

Hard-to-find movies are really a price catch. Usually, you could get original copies (whether DVD or VCD) at a much expensive price rather than the movies available right under our noses. Just two years ago, I started collecting hard-to-find movies and my venue was, where some of the members sell such. Of course, those are burned copies but of good quality. Some copies are even ripped from DVDs.
Since PEx is somewhat crowded, it is hard to look for the threads where they post what’s new on their list. Thus, I recommend to you FilmSpotting. It is indeed a haven for film collectors who do not want the trouble of having their cellphone or wallet snatch at the streets of Quiapo, or the burden of damaging a bunch from their savings account just to get the copy of the film they wanted.
Thus, film lovers, click the link and be transported into a realm of rare movies.