Guide to Buying Used Cars

Buying used cars can be really quite a drag because you have to make sure that you are getting a good buy. And it is indeed a tedious task. There are a lot of websites that are selling used cars and even accessories for that matter. For those who are in California, you might want to try used cars in San Diego and of course for those who are in the Philippines, just go to tsikot and ebay-ph. Aside from websites there’s the popular Buy and Sell but it would be a lot better if we could see the photos first before contacting the person about the car. Around the metropolis, there are a lot of businesses that are engaged in buying and selling of cars, you may want to take a look there too. However, you may not be able to haggle the price of the car because you’re dealing with a third party and not the owner of the car. Continue reading “Guide to Buying Used Cars”

CyberHand Project

A few years back, DLSU introduced BS Manufacturing Engineering Minor in Biomedical Engineering. The said course offering was fresh when my former professor John John Cabibihan (who graduated with the same course as mine and took a master’s degree afterwards) went to Italy to get a PhD degree. He’s currently involved in the CyberHand Project. The project should be completed in about two to four years time according to John John.

Got a Band?

I’ve been wanting to do this ages ago. Before anything, let me ask you some questions. Do you have a band? If yes, are you new to the band scene? If yes, do you want your band to be featured here? If you have some recorded stuff, you can send it to me so that I’ll know how you sound like. Then I’d podcast an excerpt of the track you sent to me plus a little something about the members of the band and about the band itself. If you’re game for this stuff, upload an MP3 track for me at YouSendIt. Then the recipient’s email address should be karlaredor[at] Also, please do send me a picture of your band (yeah the whole band). Watch out for the first band to be featured here.

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock is a girl guitar company. However, Daisy Rock guitars are not limited to girls. Who says the guys cannot have a guitar like the one in the picture above? I know this could humiliate them. However, such guitar could draw so much attention that even if it’s tantamount to negative publicity, it is still publicity. Their guitars are not limited to daisy-shaped bodies but you can also get a heart-shaped, butterfly-shaped and star-shaped guitars. Still, I would like to have an guitar that looks pretty normal. If ever I’ll get a guitar from Daisy Rock, it would be the one from the Rock Candy Series. I could could stick to the Rainbow Sparkle or something like the Rainbow Sparkle but of a different shade.

Good for the Health? Not!

Omega-3 my ass. This is disappointing. After their exhaustive research on the Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in tuna which has been really used quite well for their marketing, I’ve found out here that it is not a good source of Omega-3. Why? The canning process is responsible. So, even if you eat Century Tuna everyday, it won’t be a guarantee that you will not suffer a heart attack. Of course, this still holds true even if you eat tuna that is not canned. Perfect example is that: eating tuna and kilos of sisig and other food that are rich in non-essential fatty acids. You’ll then feel that your nape hurts after the oily food overload. And if you are athlete or you want to get there then I recommend to buy Winnidrol, this will increase your performance by miles.

Former Child Star Turned FHM Cover Girl

Child stars do not remain to be child stars. They grow up. They’re not living in the imaginary world called Neverland where their utter cuteness remains forever where cuteness is not necessarily associated with the aesthetic design of their face. It could be something more like being on the lighter side of the industry called show business. However, there is a word in the dictionary called change, transition, and growth. But when we talk about rapid transformation, things get pretty controversial and shocking at the same time. My oh my, you’ll be surprised to learn that Camille Pratts is FHM’s cover girl for this month. I can still remember the Ang TV days and I just can’t help but reminisce every 430pm at any time of the week (except for Saturdays and Sundays). I cannot imagine Camille Pratts as an FHM cover girl. All I remember about her is the Esmyuskee’s and other jokes that I thought were funny before that seem to be spattered with corn all over it when I gained maturity on the idea of what’s really funny or not. Just imagine that there’s a bubble on the FHM cover saying, Esmyuskee or the famous 430 na, Ang TV na.

The Ang TV memories cannot still get out of my system yet. It’s like I’m not ready to digest the idea of Camille Pratts doing a sexy film anytime soon.

Autodesk Asia Pacific Design Competition 2005

I got my newsletter from Autodesk and I was able to read about the Asia Pacific Design Competition. They’ve announced the winners for the regional level already. I browsed through this link since I was curious if someone from the Philippines is included. Congratulations to Denin So Sy of Denway Steel Works. He topped the Commercial BSD (Building Solutions Division) category for the ASEAN Region. He must have done the design with Autodesk Revit and then he may have rendered it using Viz Render as what I’ve seen from the image from the aforementioned link.

Konica Minolta Withdrawal Plan

I’ve posted about this at Litratista and this recent press release from Konica Minolta should be really disturbing to those who are using their products. They have just announced their plans of their withdrawal from the camera and photo business. But current users of Konica Minolta will still get customer support since Konica Minolta will consign customer service operations. As for the service of cameras Sony will implement it. And this got me into thinking, customer support as in call center? And if it should be a call center, which one?

The Rock as Johnny Bravo?

Can you ever imagine Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing as Johnny Bravo? Just take a look at this picture. The personality that The Rock has been portraying in his past films is way different from Johnny Bravo’s character. Johnny Bravo is so narcissistic and can you just imagine The Rock doing Johnny’s moves in impressing a woman? Well, yeah, he could do the moves in the WWF but it’s still different. Imagine him doing it in front of the ladies. I don’t know if I’ll laugh or I’ll throw up because of this.

A New Show to Watch for

I got this interesting news from the Sugarfree mailing list. A new show for a particular cable channel is in the works and it will go full blast this coming February. They are looking for music videos that are not shown in MYX or MTV. Even if it’s a “pito-pito” type of music video, they would accept it wholeheartedly unless that they don’t contain content that would endanger the life span of the show (read: MTRCB). Also, the music video should be all-original (band/artist and the song). Aside from the music videos, they are also looking for short films done by students.

Now this is something that I am looking forward to and that is something to deviate from the usual stuff seen on TV.