Island Hopping and Snorkling

Crystal CoveAnd the best way to say that you went to Boracay without actually saying it is by getting a tan or worst, a sunburn. However, it’s better to explore the nearby islands and go snorkling. On the first day that you’ll be arriving to Boracay, you should look for a boatman (bangkero) first. If you’re 4 to 6 people in a group, the usual rate for the boat rental for 3 hours is 1,500 bucks. The standard package includes island hopping and they would ask an additional amount if you would want to go snorkling (rental of goggles). Better yet, bring your snorkling gear with you. The places that you’ll be going to are Crystal Cove (requires a payment for the entrace which costs at 75 pesos for the adult and for the kids rate, don’t ask because I was not able to remember that), Crocodile Island (snorkling area – snorkling fee costs 20 bucks each) and Puka Beach (crystal clear water without the green algae). After making the deal, have it scheduled on the following morning around 8am or 9am. Continue reading “Island Hopping and Snorkling”

Income Generator at the Peak Season

The Sand Castle Man When we were kids, everytime we go to the beach, we would always attempt to build a sandcastle. If we only have the tools and the skill like that of the local of Boracay shown, we could build a magnificent castle like the one he’s building. During the peak season (December to May), many foreigners will go to the Philippines just to visit Boracay. And as an added income generator for the locals, they don’t need an investment in the form of cold cash. All they have to do is to look around them and be innovative. And that’s what the man did. The last time I went to Boracay, I didn’t see a single trace of a sandcastle with a tupperware beside it where the trigger-happy tourists would give them tips as a token of appreciation and that is if they are generous enough. Continue reading “Income Generator at the Peak Season”

The Island of Boracay

Walking on the white sandBoracay has become a magnificent tourist spot for its fine white sand and clear water (with green algae). I’ve been there three times (and that makes my recent trip there the third one). For my third trip to Boracay, we rode a SEA Air jetplane from Manila to Caticlan. It was my first time to ride in that kind of plane. And because it was my first time, it became a little creepy seeing the two pilots in front of you and were not separated by a wall unlike the bigger aircrafts. However, it becomes less creepy with a celebrity (Diane Castillejo – host of Sports Unlimited) inside a plane. When we arrived at Caticlan, it was very unfortunate for us that the terminal there is under construction. Thus, the temporary terminal are the tents that maybe compared to the tents that you’ll find in SMB’s Oktoberfest, NU107 Rock Awards and other events. Continue reading “The Island of Boracay”


My friend asked me if I know Siniloan, Laguna. And because she does not know that I am from there since she’s thinking that I am from Pagsanjan, Laguna which is based from our upcoming shooting-the-rapids summer getaway this May. I said, “Of course I know the place. That’s our hometown.” And she asked me if I saw a lot of fireflies there. I told her that I have seen some fireflies there. She confessed that she’s in love with fireflies. I just told her that she should watch the Korean film The Classic if she loves fireflies. I just hope she would be able to get herself a DVD copy of that film. Looks like I’m pretty much booked this May. Hehehe!

By the way, before I told her about the shooting the rapids proposal of a summer getaway, she asked me if I wanted to go to Mount Pulag this July. However, I don’t think it’s advisable to go there at that time of the year because it’s the rainy season. And so, I suggested a cheaper summer escapade.

Christmas in the City

Christmas Display at PSE Makati

Now, I can say that I could already feel the Christmas Season. Just last night, my father setup the Christmas Tree. It’s a one of a kind Christmas tree because it uses fiber optic technology which saves you time from putting around some Christmas lights. What’s best about that Christmas tree is that the color at each end of the fiber changes.

Also, when I went at Philippine Stock Exchange in Makati to meet up with my friend. While waiting for her, I saw the wonderful Christmas display which is even better than the Christmas decor outside Rustan’s. And it’s a good subject for photography I tell you. Imagine, capturing the display and its reflection on the water with your camera would be like creating your own postcard that could be sent to your relatives abroad.

Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar at World Trade Center

My father and I were supposed to go to the International Bazaar where you could buy a one year supply of Spam and chocolates that could boost up your sugar levels. By the time we got at PICC, we asked the guard if it’s the venue of the International Bazaar. The guard said yes and told my father to park at Gate 3. I just stayed in front of the PICC entrance which brought some memories of my Graduation day that was held a month ago. This also reminded me that I am a bum for a month, running errands for my Mom, my brother, helping my sister with her reaction papers, updating the website of my Dad, and the list goes on. Then, Dad came back again, went out of the car and talked to the guard. He said that he was told by the guard from Gate 3 that only Exhibitors are allowed inside and Guests will only be allowed to go in on November 30. And this is quite confusing because I received an e-mail from one of the exhibitors of the International Bazaar saying that the date of the said event is November 29. So, we decided to go to the Christmas Bazaar instead which is held at the World Trade Center.

As we walked inside, Dad told me that it’s gonna be the last Christmas that he will be giving me some cash so that I could buy something for myself and buy some gifts as well. I bought my nephews a Spider-man action figure which would constanly remind me of BatJay’s blog, Where in the World is Spider-man. And another dinosaur toy where you put batteries inside and press some button so that it could walk and terrify my nephews. Its box reminded me of the hit dinosaur movie Jurassic Park.

Also, there were lots of Spongebob stuff there, boxers, keychains, stuffed toys, etc. What caught my attention in the bazaar are the Mr. Bean items. I saw his ever huggable teddy bear. I was tempted to buy one but that’s not my priority.

After roaming around the bazaar grounds for hours, we went to SM Bicutan to have some pictures developed and Dad was going to continue his shopping there. When I was waiting for my Dad just in front of the grocery, I bumped into my former high school teacher Ms. Macaranas. She was our Math teacher and one of our advisers in our organization.

When we got home, my sister ransacked the goodies and she was looking for the shirts that I bought for her. I guess she wants to save Mother Earth by not letting me wrap her gift with a gift wrapper.

It’s a good thing that I’m done with my shopping already. All I need to do is to wrap them up and place it under the Christmas tree and to hide the presents from the sight of my nephews.

The Bataan Chronicles

Day One: Saturday – Meet at McDonald’s Mindanao Avenue. Along with a special friend and her High School friends, we went to Bagac, Bataan particularly at the NAPOCOR plant. We stayed in one of the guest houses there and I guess you would not believe that there are 17 of us in the van. You would definitely wonder how the hell we put our things in the van and get ourselves seated.
Upon arriving at the place, I slept along with others that haven’t had slept last night. And when we woke up, it was already lunch time. We had a hearty feast of Chicken and Pork Adobo. After having a little rest, we went to the Beach which is about 20 to 30 minutes away from the guest house. The sand is white but the shores are not clean because of the stormy weather. The waves are strong too and so, we decided to just swim in the pool which is a whole lot safer. After a couple of hours of swimming, we went back to the guest house and took a shower. After a little rest and the ihaw-ihaw session, we had our dinner. The menu includes inihaw na liempo, laing, inihaw na talong, enchillada, inihaw na tilapia, and stuffed bangus. After dinner, we watched a bit of Star Circle Quest and yes, Hero is the Grand Questor. Afterwards we had a couple of beers and pulutan and bonding galore.
Afterwards, we slept.

Day Two: Sunday – Time to go Home. It’s Sunday and it’s time to go home. We woke up at around 8:30am if I’m not mistaken and everybody was having their breakfast. There is a power outtage and there is no water since it is being driven by the pump and so, electricity is needed in order to have water. After having breakfast, we packed up our things and by 10:45 am (I hope I’m not mistaken with the time), we went back to Manila. We had stopovers at a bus terminal in Pampanga, at a Pampanga’s Best Outlet and at a gasoline station. For almost the whole duration of the travel, I just slept or sometimes I was just half-asleep while hearing their jokes and laughter. I woke up at the Balintawak exit and we arrived at SM North EDSA at around 3pm. We had our lunch at Wendy’s and then zoom… back to reality…