Romantic Punch – a band from South Korea

Romantic Punch

While we were walking along the streets of Hongdae, we chanced upon a Korean rock band performing. We didn’t understand the songs that they sang but it seems like that they have a big fanbase. Aside from Romantic Punch, there are other street performers around the area. However, they have the most number of audience in the area. It is also interesting to note that the fans of the band are also passionate in singing their songs while they’re performing. Hope to see more street performers here in South Korea.

Preparing for the Coldplay Concert in Bangkok

It’s gonna be my first time to watch Coldplay live, my first time to watch a foreign act overseas, and my first time to go to Thailand. Me and Sharlyne did a little research on what not to bring to avoid additional inconveniences that we may experience on the day of the concert.

We found a website (originally written in Thai) that contains information that we need. Continue reading “Preparing for the Coldplay Concert in Bangkok”

Watching The Eraserheads live in Singapore

At the catwalk - Eraserheads 2013 Singapore
The Eraserheads at the catwalk with the 5th Ehead, Sancho

It was my first time to watch a concert overseas. And it’s not a foreign act. It’s one of my favorite bands in the Philippines, The Eraserheads. You may think that it’s crazy to go to Singapore and watch our fellow countrymen perform even though that we can watch them here. After they disbanded, I saw them reunited in 2008. Then, I was able to get a chance to watch the Eraserheads in 2009. After 2009, I thought that was the last time that I will be able to see them live. Thus, when I heard about the Singapore concert, I got really excited. Continue reading “Watching The Eraserheads live in Singapore”

Why hello there Eraserheads The Heads Set

Eraserheads Box Set Photos: The Heads Set

UPDATE:I made a correction in the post. There are 10 CDs and one DVD.Just yesterday, Juned shared the news that he won a box set of Eraserheads. So, we went to his home and took a look at it. Indeed, it’s the Eraserheads Box Set! Anyway, Greenwich will be coming up with a promo and you can purchase the Eraserheads Box Set at a lower price. 😀 Continue reading “Why hello there Eraserheads The Heads Set”

Tree Planting is not easy

Tree planting with Haribon Foundation

Last Saturday, we had a tree planting activity with Sha’s company and with Haribon Foundation for their project Road to 2020. It is actually interesting to learn that it is recommended not to use foreign tree species in reforestation because it won’t bring us the ecological benefits that we need. Continue reading “Tree Planting is not easy”

SM City North EDSA’s Sky Garden


It feels like that every time I go back to SM City North EDSA, there would be changes. Going to different parts of SM City North EDSA is like traveling through time. It’s like going back to high school days when you’re in the oldest part of SM. When you go to The Block or to the CyberZone, you’ll see the refreshing modern look. And now, here comes the Sky Garden, a combination of the now and nature which I find attractive in the midst of the busy EDSA. Continue reading “SM City North EDSA’s Sky Garden”

Awesome Philippines: Promoting RP Tourism in the Digital Age

Second Life Preview (exploring RP in second life)

Awesome Philippines is a project of Department of Tourism and MTV Asia. The website,, showcases video remixes by various users that are entries for the contest “Remix your Holiday”. The goal is to create a personal video of your dream vacation in the Philippines. The winner of the contest (and his/her friend) will get to experience a free vacation. 😉 In creating the video remixes, you won’t be uploading anything. You’ll just have to choose the photos/videos. Add music to it, add transitions and effects, graphics and text. 🙂 Continue reading “Awesome Philippines: Promoting RP Tourism in the Digital Age”

Some promos from SEAIR this summer

First, Bolero and Fishbar gives 10% discount to SEAIR Boracay passengers. Then, since SEAIR will be celebrating their anniversary on March 25, all online ticket purchases from March 25 to March 28 will get 1,400 pesos discount per way (yes, for all fare classes, seats and routes) and for flights from June 15 to September 15. And for those who would like to go to Batanes, SEAIR is offering daily flights this summer so that you can be more flexible with your itinerary. 🙂 Continue reading “Some promos from SEAIR this summer”

My best travel photo

Banca at Carabao Island
Carabao Island, Rombon

For me, this is my best travel photo. The photo was taken at Carabao Island, Romblon (summer of 2007). I just love how the trees lined up that way just like the way we line up for the assembly when we’re still in either grade school or high school. The beauty of the place has been captured showing its white sand, pristine waters and the magnificent blue sky. The boat on the photo has added more drama to the photo since it’s facing towards the sea. Continue reading “My best travel photo”