Unexpectedly Sentimental

There are some songs that sounds heavy on the guitars and the drums but when you listen at the lyrics closely, then you’ll find it sentimental. Love songs are stereotyped to be as slow and mellow where the guitars should not use effects like Distortion, Overdrive, Flanger, Metal Zone and such. But then, there are love songs that are not the typical ones.
One example is Taning (from the album Take 2–to be released) by Imago. Taning is about two people that are about to break up in a relationship. Another example is Prom (from the Album Dramachine–released) by Sugar Free. It is about someone that is so much into his prom date. In addition to that is Gone by Urbandub. Gone is about someone who has just broken up from a relationship where he/she is expressing that it is hard for him/her to move on.
The heavy guitars, drums and bass lines may seem odd to others. However, the heavy sound just describes the emotion being portrayed by the song itself.


It was ages ago since I went to Mayrics to watch a gig. Last evening, I was able to catch a P4S gig where the core bands are Imago and Sandwich. Both bands share the same bassist. The first band (I forgot the name) has a long set indeed since long gaps in gigs would be unfavorable. The next band was Imago which arrived a little late for they also played at the album launch of Typecast at Freedom Bar. In that gig, I’ve just learned that the Untitled song has already a title and that is “Bangkang Papel” which is a metaphor that describes what the song is about. After Imago was the Brass Munkeys, and they play jazz. Their Brasswind section is composed of four namely, the alto saxophone, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone (not so sure if this last one is correct). Also, their bassist plays an acoustic bass and that is the biggest instrument that I have seen in a gig. They covered a Metallica song which amused me because I never thought that they would make a jazz version of it. The next band was Boldstar and Marie Jamora’s (their drummer) back. It’s a good thing she’s back here because I already missed listening to “Accident Prone” live. They also played a new song which is relatively different from the other songs since their songs are happy-sounding. The last band was Sandwich and Marc Abaya was also playing the guitar. The last time that I watched Sandwich is that Marc was not playing the guitar. The finale of their act was a long medley where one of the songs included in the medley is the anthemic Butterfly Carnival.
The gig was surely a blast. What made it more special is that I was able to meet new friends there.

Hoobastank Concert on August 17

Hoobastank, the band who popularized the song, The Reason on the Philippine airwaves, will be having their concert on August 17 here at Manila at the Folk Arts Theater. Their concert here is part of their world tour as a promotion of their latest album, The Reason. For those who are interested in the concert, the following ticket prices are:

Php 1494
Php 1236
Php 793
Php 399

Tickets are now available at Ticketworld.


I guess the concert will be the reunion of those who attended the Incubus concert and the Linkin Park Concert that were held this year. Sad to say, I cannot make it to the concert. It is because that August 18 is our final defense for our thesis. To those who will be watching, enjoy the concert for me. Hehe.

A Tribute to Chico Molina

Chico Molina at PULP Summer Slam 2003

Chico Molina, J-Hoon Balbuena and me at PULP Summer Slam 2003

Last night, a friend from Grabeh.Com told me that Chico Molina of Kapatid died. And I was totally shocked about it. Imagine, Chico is so young to die. He could have contributed more in the music scene and even in the art scene as well having seen one of Chico’s artwork in charcoal at BigSkyMind just last year.
During the PULP Summer Slam 3 was my first encounter with Chico Molina, Kapatid’s former guitarist. I cannot forget how he likes to be in front of the camera when I approached them at the PULP Summer Slam 3. Time flies fast, and so is life. To Kapatid Chico, thank you for making great music.

Reviving the Malate Rock Scene?

I got this message below in the Imago Mailing List.

due to the closing of several rock bars, bands are
left with limited venues to play in,and rock fans are
left with limited venues to listen and watch bands

support in bringing back the malate rock scene: bands,
booze and shit will fly
@ forbest bar (orosa st. cor. nakpil) on wednesday
june 30. come to malate and be free…

For the past few months, a lot of rock bars have closed already like Rock Radio Cafe in Alabang, Millenia Bar in Kamuning, Rock2Metal at Shaw Boulevard. I just hope that this attempt in reviving the Malate rock scene would be a success.