Eraserheads Live: The Final Set Experience (Part 2)

Ely and Raimund -1

This is the 2nd part of my Eraserheads Live! The Final Set Experience. You can check out part 1 here. The first song was Magasin. It was one of those songs that they weren’t able to play during the first reunion concert. It was like the biggest videoke party that one would experience the moment Magasin was played. Continue reading “Eraserheads Live: The Final Set Experience (Part 2)”

Eraserheads Live: The Final Set Experience (Part 1)

Almost a group hug

Being in front of them playing again after the first Eraserheads Reunion Concert is surreal. Just like the first one, I felt nervous before the show started. I was thinking how will the entrance be or what are the songs that they’re going to perform. Also, this is the first and the last time that I will be taking their photos as Eraserheads, some thing that I wished I was able to do back then but I cannot since I was younger and live far from Quezon City where their gigs are usually held. However, I was able to watch their concert in my alma mater during High School. And when I was able to watch gigs already, they were still called Eraserheads but Ely already left the band. Continue reading “Eraserheads Live: The Final Set Experience (Part 1)”

Francis Magalona: R.I.P., March 6, 2009

Minutes ago, I just read Sarah Cada‘s plurk about the death of Francis Magalona. Someone posted the link to GMA.TV’s story about it confirming that Francis M. has indeed died from cancer at the age of 44. The news was confirmed by Vic Sotto in Eat Bulaga which I missed by the way since my brother on sick leave was having a phone conversation in our living room. Continue reading “Francis Magalona: R.I.P., March 6, 2009”

IveBeenHere got featured in

IveBeenHere, is a Facebook app that I’ve worked on with Melvin Vivas. The app aims to promote Philippine tourism. It is an interactive Facebook app that utilizes Facebook features such as the publishing a feed story to a user’s profile every time an app user tags a place that he/she has been to or a place that he/she wants to go to, and other activities such as sharing photos from a Facebook album to a particular place, comments/reviews you made on a place and seeing the activity feed of your friends who have added the app on the home page of the app. Continue reading “IveBeenHere got featured in”

The Violator Copy Experience

We watched a series of short films by Marcus Adoro (Markus Highway front man and Eraserheads’ lead guitarist) at Robinson’s Galleria’s Indie Sine. We were actually surprised to see Marcus Adoro there. The first film is “The Artist is In”. It does not have much dialogues (which only happened during the last few seconds of the film). The gestures of Darryl Shy made me understood that he was having writer’s block. 🙂 Continue reading “The Violator Copy Experience”

Gary Granada, GMA Kapuso and a Copyright Issue

Gary Granada is an established artist in the music industry. He has released albums (Gary Granada Live, Pagsamba at Pakikibaka, and Saranggola sa Ulan) that are not under major labels. He also made compositions for others as well. Gary Granada’s project that’s involved with this issue is entitled “3-pid Handog Edukasyon ng Procter and Gamble”. He was commissioned by GMA Kapuso Foundation in this project where he was given the lyrics and his task is to compose the music for the lyrics which is usually how it works in the advertising industry. Continue reading “Gary Granada, GMA Kapuso and a Copyright Issue”

See you at Eraserheads Live! The Final Set

eraserheads live! the final set

I’m officially going to the Eraserheads Live! The Final Set with Sharlyne. Yay! We really want to be part of this historic event in Philippine Music. We both got the VIP tickets. I’ll get to see Sharlyne crying again at the first song just like the last reunion concert. I just wonder if I’ll be caught on the video again like the last time (the one that was shown in the cinema according to Jay where he was able to attend the premiere night.

Dialogues with Louie Talan at Starbucks

Dialogues with Louie Talan

Louie Talan of Razorback and owner of Wombworks Inc. had a recent talk about investing in creativity (being a creative entrepreneur). It was such an inspiring talk. He related to us about how he wished he could have been more organized when he started Wombworks and also about his project on bringing music where indigenous instruments are used to United Kingdom since the project is with a producer from UK. Continue reading “Dialogues with Louie Talan at Starbucks”