Why does it have to end?

A friend once asked me, why does it have to end when there’s still love. Well, when one ends it, I say, it’s not but chance, but by choice. And the infamous question would then pop out, “Is Love by Chance or by Choice?” Well, this would sound familiar to you if you have received a forwarded e-mail regarding the said topic. Again, it depends on the other party if he or she would want the love to grow or just stop. And yes, it takes two to tango. If one is willing where the other is not, then nothing will really happen. Oh well, that’s life and yes, sometimes we are just blinded by the idea of forever because in reality nothing lasts forever. At some point, something will just stop unexpectedly.
When love ends, it is not the end of the world indeed. Time flies and you have to move on with it. You cannot be in the Pause Mode for a moment just because it hit and smashed you right there and there. Life’s like this, it is always in the Play Mode, running continuously, no pauses, no rewinds, or even forwards… only play and stop.

The Moon

It has been a long-time since I have seen the perfectly crescent-shaped moon. And the huge glow around it fascinates me. To you this may deem unimportant, but to me, it is important. Just by looking at it gives me this heavenly feeling. And yes, just by looking at it and feeling good afterwards is a reminder of how great God is.
I just love looking at the moon. And yes, it really feels good right after looking at it and yes, it’s one of my stress relievers (natural stress relievers that is).

In Loving Memory of Christian Ryan Garcia

Christian Ryan Garcia, born February 14, 1980, died May 3, 2004. Christian is known as Quackerz in the Grabeh.Com messageboards but I just call him Chris or people from the boards would call him Quack Quack. I remembered that I got to interact with him because of our common interest in blogging. We even exchanged links and his link still remains in the version 1 of rockersworld. I remembered that I was one of the first members of Grabeh.Com who welcomed him when he started his thread. It is sad that we were not able to interact that much in the boards and that we lost communication.
To Chris, I know that you’re in the after life already. I know that God takes good care of you there. You will always be remembered…

Feels Like Heaven

Last night, I went out with someone who is very much dear to me, the one reason that would make me feel heaven or cloud 9 so to speak. And up to this moment, that cloud 9 feeling is still on me.
As for now, Pier One is the place to remember. Not only for it’s good food (try their lechon sisig and spicy squid!), but because of the special event in my life. And I would not trade this one for anything.
Usually, I do not rant on something like this. Call it mushy or whatsoever but this is just me.

Signal Number One

I heard from the news just this morning that there is Signal Number One. And my laziness cannot be attributed to the fact that is raining. In fact, I feel more lazy when the weather is hot that you feel that you’re burning already. This day is a day of “progress”. In short, thesis mode is on but due to certain circumstances, it is sometimes power off. I still went to school even if the day’s weather would be described by our neighborhood-friendly weather man as:
No sunlight, just clouds, strong winds that would give you a bad-hair-day impression to other people or they would ask you the infamous question popularized by a shampoo ad, “Mahangin ba sa Labas?”
And yes, the complete anti-bagyo gear would consist of: jacket with hood, heavy-duty umbrella that won’t turn upside down due to strong winds, Chapstick or whatever lip gloss you have (cold weather could give you chappy lips), hair comb to avoid the bad-hair-day look, rain boots especially if you’re area is high tide (so that you would be protected from germs), and a bag that is waterproof so as to protect your necessary belongings.
Remember to be always prepared. Hehe!

Rainy Days are Here Again

This morning, I got up at around 8:30. When I looked through the window, I noticed that there is no longer the bright sunlight that I used to see for the past few days. Thus, I have decided to bring my trusty automatic umbrella with me. This umbrella is a must for people on-the-go and for people who does not want to look like bringing a walking stick with them. It’s brand is Fibrella. I forgot how much it is but it’s already with me for 6 months and it’s still in good condition. The catch of this umbrella is that it is automatic when opening it and in closing it. In addition to that, it would fit in your bag… not a pouch bag of course. Hehe.
I took the shuttle at 10am and the sun is nowhere to be found since the clouds are covering it. By the time I arrived Taft Avenue, it is drizzling already (ambonito classification for that matter). After I crossed the street, it stopped.
At 2pm, while waiting to be served at the Accounting Office at our school, heavy rain started pouring down. And yes, the rain is the perfect epitome of the idiom raining cats and dogs.

Is that a Star?

I was gazing at the sky on the way home. Then, I saw this “star”. However, I am not sure if that is really a star since it is unusually bright and it looks larger than the other stars. In addition to that, it was not even blinking, so I am sure that it is not an airplane at all.
Any wild guess? I think it’s the planet Venus, but then, that’s just my theory. Meanwhile, my friend said that there is a storm over Jupiter. But if it is Jupiter, why is it that it is that big? We all know that Jupiter is farther than Mars. Mars and Venus are the nearest planets to Earth.
Well, I guess we should leave it all to NASA. I hope that there would be a press release about this issue.

Grounded at the age of 22?

I am 22 years old, which is one year plus the legal age, and yes, I am grounded. But it’s not the dictatorship type of being grounded. In fact, there’s still space to breathe in, but the space is just about the size of a keyhole. I must say that for me, the keyhole as a breathing space is not that enough. I could still feel a bit of choking once in a while.
I know my limitations well enough. But then, I would not want my limitations to be set by other people. I am over 21, and so, I am responsible for my actions. I know what’s right or wrong. I am an independent person.
I guess my parents are just way too protective and that they did not see me to be like this since I was the geeky type, and most obedient daughter so to speak. I appreciate their care and concern but at my age, I think they should let me be and let me learn all the consequences.