It’s The Conduit

Just now, I am surfing the internet here at my room and finally, the phone line is already fixed. Thanks to the electrician that Dad brought here. The representative from PLDT’s customer service said that the problem is with the conduit and we have to ask our friendly neighborhood electrician to fix it. It has been almost a month since the PLDT technicians laid their hands on our phone and we have waited for almost a month just to find out that the problem is with the conduit. Geesh. I just hope that their quality of service will improve.

An Increase in Tricycle Fares too?

Before, the special trip going to our house would damage your wallet 20 pesos. Now, it costs even more by 3 bucks. This is true for residents in Better Living specifically at the Seven Dulo Area. And there goes my 3 candies away (usual unit price of candies are 1 peso). Also, my friend living near Astra had the same problem. Before, she could come home with only 20 pesos left in her wallet and now, 20 pesos worth of commuting money won’t be enough to get her home.

Esmi: Recipient of Miko Sotto’s Left Cornea

Jolina Magdangal and Esmi at GMA-7

Vic Sotto, Arnold Clavio, Ali Sotto and Esmi at Daddy Di Do Du’s Dressing Room

Danica Sotto and Esmi

Ruby Rodriguez, Danica Sotto, Maxine Magalona, some guy and Esmi

Esmi is the recipient of Miko Sotto’s left cornea. I was at the shoot of Emergency when they brought Esmi to the set of Daddy Di Do Du which is said to be her favorite show. Prior to meeting the cast of Daddy Di Do Du, she met up with Ali Sotto, the mother of Miko Sotto. Ali Sotto was in tears as she held Esmi. After that, Duday was brought to the set and she was really awed by her presence. Afterwards, she was brought to the dressing room of the cast of Daddy Di Do Du where she met Vic Sotto, Maxine Magalona, Danica Sotto, some guy and Ruby Rodriquez.
This shoot was scheduled last Wednesday and this was aired last Friday.

Job Interview

Just this Thursday afternoon, I have received a call from Glee Electronics, Inc, the distributor of leading IT products such as AOC, Canon, Intel, Maxtor and Pinnacle. I just recently applied for the position of Product Management Trainee through JobStreet. I just joined JobStreet last Sunday evening and just posted my resume there. i was surprised that I got a call from one company in a matter of days time. I am excited about the interview since it will be my first time to undergo such. The interview will be held this Saturday.

Boycott PLDT

The useless phone

Two weeks have past, and the other telephone line here at home remains to be short-circuited–no dial tone, useless! I have reported it to the PLDT Customer Service a gazillion times already, and nothing happened. No one from PLDT called here and they all say the same thing everyday, “Maa’m pasensya na, follow up na po namin, madami kasing nakapilang service request” yadda yadda yadda. Oh well. PLDT service sucks big time.


Sa ating pag-idlip, ang subconscious mind natin ang nangingibabaw sa conscious mind. At ang produkto ng ating subconscious mind ay ang ating mga panaginip. May mga panaginip na sadyang panaginip lang talaga, katulad ng isang fairy tale na hindi naman talaga nangyari. Meron ding mga panaginip na nagsasabi kung ano ang mangyayari sa takdang panahon (mga premonition kumbaga). Meron ding mga panaginip na nagbibigay lang ng mga senyales, halimbawa, nanaginip ka na hinahabol ka ng aso, ang ibig sabihin non ay meron kang deadline na hinahabol. Kahit na ang isang bagay na tulad ng baso na may lamang tubig ay may interpretasyon din.
Pero minsan, ang mga panaginip na nagkakatotoo ay produkto ng konsepto na mind over matter. Siyempre, na-mind set na tayo na ito ang mangyayari, at dahil sa kakaisip noon, ayun, yun nga ang nangyari.
Naalala ko dati na nagkaroon ako ng panaginip na naalala ko yung bawat detalye non. Pina-interpret ko pa nga iyon dati sa isang thread sa PEx na Dream’s Journal sa may Realm of Thought. At nagulat ako sa mga interpretasyon nya, kasi may kabuluhan. Naisip ko non bigla na ang sarap siguro matuto kung paano mag-interpret ng mga panaginip. Pero bigla ko na lang naisip na, huwag na lang din. Parang yung sa mga may third eye at walang third eye…
“What you don’t know won’t hurt you…”

Tanggap lang ng Tanggap

Kanina lang pagsakay ko sa colorum papuntang Taft ay nakasabay ko ang anak-anakan ko sa Days With the Lord Better Living Chapter na si Dorx. Kinamusta ko nga yung nangyari nong Days Weekend at sadyang natuwa naman ako sa mga kuwento niya. Ang dami kong namiss noong weekend na iyon. At bigla na lang nagbalik tanaw ang aking natutunan doon… at ito ang mga salitang… “Tanggap lang ng tanggap…”
Tanggap lang ng tanggap, iyan ang sabi ni Kuya Jess na kilalang Jesus Christ sa mga hindi nakapagDays. At sa lahat ng pagsubok na nadaanan ko sa buhay, tanggap lang ng tanggap… kahit mahirap, kahit minsan masakit. At sa tuwing dumarating na yung punto na malapit na akong sumuko, muli ko na naman maiisip ang mga katagang, “Tanggap lang ng tanggap…”
Lahat ng mga pagsubok na dumadaan sa buhay natin ay parang isang pagsusulit na binigay ng Diyos Ama. At tinitignan niya kung tatanggapin ba natin iyon ng buong buo at walang pasubali at kapag nangyari iyon, saka lang nating malalaman kung pasado tayo o bagsak sa pagsusulit niya.
Tanggap lang tayo ng tanggap mga kaibigan. Tanggapin natin ng buong puso ang lahat, maging ang tatanggapin man natin ay magdudulot ng saya o lungkot sa atin. Walang ibinibigay na problema sa atin na hindi natin makakaya. Tiwala lang tayo sa “kanya”.
Basta Ikaw Lord… Mahal kita.

Defining the Path

I am 22. And definitely I am in the stage of the so-called Quarter-Life Crisis. People in this stage are usually from 20 to 25 years old. For the past year or so, I was already thinking what would happen to me after college? I was thinking of what career path to take. Will I be a corporate slave immediately after graduation day? Or will I bum around for a month or so and pursue my hobbies like engage myself in a photography workshop? Or will I be in the academic scene once again, being a teacher and a student at the same time? Well, it is really hard to choose. But which road will I take? Think about my passion first? Or think about the stability of my future? That’s indeed a difficult decision to make. Because the decision you will make now, will affect tomorrow.
But hey, I know that I can choose both.. a job that is my passion and rewarding at the same time. Now, my definite path would be to graduate first.

Everything is a Sign

Whenever one is overwhelmed with such emotions such as love, everything can become a sign. One example could be texting each other the same time, thinking of the other person at this moment and the other person was also thinking of you at that very moment. Everything, even the simplest ones can become a sign. Sometimes, you just do not know if it is just you who are making the signs because the emotions tend to overpower you.
If you have read The Alchemist written by Paulo Coelho, there’s is a part where the boy was taught how to read omens and stuff and also the language of life. It was mentioned that we should learn to trust the language of life. That just makes me sigh.
Sigh… maybe you would find it funny if I told you that in one time, I heard music playing but there really is no music playing. I am not sure if it is just my imagination but I am very sure that I heard it right there and there. And I heard it beside that special one…