Cinematic Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that upon the moment you wake up, your memory is still fresh of what your subconscious mind was thinking? It is fresh just like watching a movie and remembering each scene and dialogue in full detail. It is just like being there where you are the writer, the director, cinematographer of your own dream and also, the main character as well.

I have had cinematic-like dreams. One of those dreams was interpreted by a certain PEXer. I was surprised by the way he interpreted it, where how trivial the object may seem, its meaning could go beyond than what people would usually think. For instance, you were drinking a glass of water (any beverage will do–even if its Slurpee at 7-11), and according to the interpreter, it means that you are not that contented.
I have had a dream just last night. And yes, it was a cinematic dream. I wrote it so that I won’t forget anything. I tried interpreting it and then I then realized that it was very much connected of what has transpired these past few days. And also, that dream was not meant to be finished. Why? Because I am the writer, the director, and the cinematographer of my own dream. Watching good movies or dreaming is not synonymous to movies or dreams that can be comprehended easily as if you are reading a For Dummies book. Movies like that will give you some time to practice your creativity, it’s either you create your own ending or if there will be a sequel to it, or you will just end it just like that. And the same thing goes for dreaming.


Thank God It’s Friday! Yes, it’s Friday morning already and I am still awake. It’s a good thing I have finished printing all the revisions for our thesis so that we could ask the panelists to sign our defense approval letter. Finally, thesis mode is already 90 percent finished.
Also, Friday is a day for unwinding. After a strenuous week, I could release the thesis mode off then back on again in order to finish the whole paper (some minor formatting stuff) so that we could submit the whole document revision which is due this Monday. This coming Tuesday, the faculty will deliberate what grade should we get and they will also decide the groups that will be getting the Gold Thesis Award. This is the award that most thesis groups covet. Also, this is one award that would surely make each recipient proud and fulfilled.

A Simple Message

Just this evening, I have received a text message from one of my friends at Days with the Lord.

“JESS makes us brave when we’re afraid, makes us strong when we are weak, but most of all, he teaches us to hold on Him when things keep falling.”

That simple text message from my friend has indeed made my day.

Also, upon talking with a friend, she left me with this message:

“The whole world may [will] turn its back on you, but Jess and I won’t. Promise.”

And I thank Kuya Jess for giving me such friends. Friends that I may not see everyday, but will always certainly be there for me.

On The Edge of the Cliff

We are all mountain climbers, taking a climb up and battling each obstacle, be it a predator, or a large gap hindering us to the next level. And such obstacles lead you to hanging on the edge of a cliff.
The question is whether to hang on to the cliff even if you possibly be out of balance and fall down deep, or to let go of holding it and fall down just the same. And with that fall, you know that it’s already the end. In either way, it is painful, even more painful than falling on the bed of rocks. It is beyond physical pain, and beyond whatever kind of pain one could imagine. The sound made by falling is a like a silent scream that would want to echo but cannot.
We have eyes, but can we see it? At some point we are blind mountain climbers, afraid of what might come our way. We are afraid of looking down the ground when we are already nearing the peak.
But then, sometimes we have to let ourselves fall down so that we would know how to get up and climb again the mountain. Also, to let ourselves bleed in order to appreciate life… life at it’s finest, or even at it’s worst.
I was hanging on the edge and I took a deep fall. Now, I’m climbing it up again. And I will still climb it even if I will fall down so many times.

Sober No More

And the reason why I was not able to post something is alcohol. I was sober for so many weeks already. Even if I was able to catch a gig, not even a single drop of alcohol rushed through my esophagus. In fact, I missed my drinking sessions with my friends. Thus, last Friday, we had a drinking session. We were six in the group and around three to four bottles of gin are consumed. The first half was mixed with guyabano juice while the other half was mixed with pineapple juice.
I asked my friend Pam,

KARLA: Pam, pineapple juice ba yang hinalo diyan?
PAM: Ano pa nga ba?
KARLA: Malay ko ba kung mango juice? Hehe!
PAM: May point ka diyan. Hehe!

Also, we were supposed to sing some from the VIDEOKE CD that Richard brought. However, it turned out that we just jammed while me and Lee or Lee and Lhette played the guitars. We were having the time of our life, singing tunes popularized by Aegis, Jessa Zaragoza, and even Back Street Boys (with matching dance grooves for this particular artist). You may be wondering what has gotten into us. I’d say that we were just having our laugh trip sessions. We missed the days were each one of us had a story to tell that has something to laugh about. In order to compensate for those missed days, a jamming session mixed with laughing session plus the drinking session are combined.
After the drinking session, I went home with a spinning headache that signaled me to just doze off instead of going online.


Bagamat nangyari kahapon ang isang malagim na bagay na dulot ng isang sampal, ngayon naman ay nag-uumapaw ang puso ko sa kagalakan. Ito ay dahil sa maraming kadahilanan, mga kadahilanang hindi ko na kailangang sabihin.
Habang binabasa niyo ito, siguro nakikinita-kinita niyo na ang ngiti kong abot-tenga at ang trademark kong ngisi na paboritong gayahin ng lahat ng malalapit sa akin. Sobrang gaan ng pakiramdam ko ngayon. Tila nawala lahat ang stress sa katawan ko.

The Worst Pick Up Line

The use of pick up lines dates from 19-copong copong. The use of such is a verbal form of flirting. Be it presented to you in text form such as through SMS, love notes or letters, IRC and others. It could also be presented to you by the person using his or her vocal chords. But then, pick up lines do not work well as they have worked before.
The worst pick-up lines that I ever heard from came from a chatroom. Sometimes, they use those pick up lines in order to catch your attention. Sometimes, they just use it for the fun of it.

Here is the recent pick up line that I got:
Can you be my star just for this night

And I just said no and the person continued bugging me and then for some time, stopped. I have no time for such people. Geesh. I’d rather stare blankly at my computer for 2 hours while waiting for the DVD to be ripped than to talk to people that cannot understand the word NO.

Miss Simangot and The Story of the Lost Gravy

After running a series of tests for our thesis last Wednesday, me and my thesismate headed for KFC to have our usual late lunch. The line was short and so I was excited to order and take my lunch already. However, as the one in front of me walked away from the counter and as I took my turn to order, the lady in-charge, let’s call her the name Miss Simangot, had an expression on her face that was not appetizing. Miss Simangot took my order and continued to look like as if the whole world is against her. She did not even bother to ask if I want a hot and cripsy chicken or the original recipe. In fairness, I got a big slice.

After paying, I went to our table and put my food there. Then, I went to the condiments area and got myself a spoon, but then, there was no fork yet. Thus, I called the attention of a KFC crew nearest to me and signalled that there was no fork. It seems that they have a bottleneck in washing the forks. After waiting for a minute or two, I got back to my seat and started eating.

The experience of eating KFC Meal Number One with loads of gravy on your plate would certainly be a great experience. So, I called the attention on one of the crews and asked for gravy politely. But then, the gravy was stuck somewhere. They deliberately ate their hearts out while having loads of gravy while the other customers suffer from gravy starvation. As soon as I had my last bite, I saw the crew that I called for gravy rushing to the table beside ours. And with that, it is as if that particular scene was teasing me. And if the people near us knew that I was waiting for the gravy all the time only to find out that it will be coming a little bit late after my last bite, they might say, “Pang-asar yun noh?”

Setting Goals and Meeting them…

A few days ago, I have started setting goals for each day regarding our thesis documentation. It is a good thing it worked for me as of the moment. But, I have learned that it is easy to jot things down on your to do list but it is actually hard to attain them especially if you do not have the will power.
Even before, I used to write down a to-do-list but it did not worked for me the first time I made use of it. It was just as if my eyes just past through the characters written and it was not registered in my head. I guess it did not work for me because I did not exert much effort on trying to get away from the last-minute syndrome. I admit that I was a certified procrastinator especially during my High School days. I’d study a night before exam, even if it was not just an ordinary quiz but the horrific periodical exam. However, procrastination is not a healthy practice since it would cause you even more stress. Thus, it is better to set goals in advance and of course, you should make sure that you will meet the deadline that you set for yourself.
Right now, my goal is to graduate this term, and in order for me to achieve that, I should do my part for our thesis. One month to go…