Albums that I’ll buy in 2010 but released in 2009

peryodiko album

In the year 2009, a lot of albums by local artists were released. My favorite albums that I have already are: Peryodiko, and Travel Advisory (by Archipelago). I still have to listen yet to Us-2 Evil-0’s Dirty Debutantes and Urbandub’s The Apparition. Continue reading “Albums that I’ll buy in 2010 but released in 2009”

Rock the Riles 2009: Justice We Beg

Cambio at Rock the Riles 2009 13
Buddy Zabala and Raymund Marasigan of Cambio

In 8 MRT Stations, various artists/bands have participated in the 5th year of Rock the Riles. And for this year, the theme is “Justice We Beg” where RockEd Philippines clamors for justice for the victims of the victims of Maguindanao Massacre. Continue reading “Rock the Riles 2009: Justice We Beg”

Tree Planting is not easy

Tree planting with Haribon Foundation

Last Saturday, we had a tree planting activity with Sha’s company and with Haribon Foundation for their project Road to 2020. It is actually interesting to learn that it is recommended not to use foreign tree species in reforestation because it won’t bring us the ecological benefits that we need. Continue reading “Tree Planting is not easy”

Another way to Donate when you’re not in the Philippines

Flood along Aurora BLvd.

A lot of people have been displaced by Ondoy. A lot of people had no food to eat while struggling to survive at the height of Ondoy. Although there are some who have received relief goods already, there are still a lot of areas that haven’t received relief goods. I admire United Nations for their World Food Programme initiative.

A donation of:
– $18 provides a family with rice for 2 weeks
– $90 feeds 5 families for 2 weeks
– $180 feeds 10 families for 2 weeks

If you’re from the US, you can have your tax deducted. 🙂

National Thank You Day Photo Contest Brought To You By Toblerone

For me, everyday should be a day full of gratitude despite of the problems we encounter. Saying of thanks have evolved through out the years, from “Thank You” to a shorter “Thanks” to a much shorter “TY”, to the text-speak “Tnx”, to the LOL-cat speak inspired “Thx” and the list goes on.

And for us to be reminded that it is not only on the “National Thank You Day” that we should say thanks, Toblerone started the “National Thank You Day”, a day that should be full of sweetness like taking a bite of that luscious chocolate. Continue reading “National Thank You Day Photo Contest Brought To You By Toblerone”