Operation Birthday Surprise

It has been a tradition to decorate the workstation of a teammate when it’s his or her birthday. Yesterday was my turn. As soon as I approached the room, I can already see the big Happy Birthday banner spanning over two desks. Yes, that’s how big it is. Around the birthday banner are balloons that are taped to the ceiling. Tie to each balloon is a ribbon where polaroid films were taped on. Continue reading “Operation Birthday Surprise”

Ten Foreign Acts I’ve Seen, One is a Lie

There is a new trend going on in Facebook where one posts a status containing a list of 10 foreign acts one has supposedly seen live where one of which is a lie. In my Facebook timeline, I have seen it evolved into:

  • 10 bands I’ve sessioned or played with (one is a lie)
  • 10 foreign bands I’ve interviewed (one is a lie)

Continue reading “Ten Foreign Acts I’ve Seen, One is a Lie”

20 Years of Jagged Little Pill

This album by Alanis Morisette is one of the first CDs that I bought. I remember, I was on a vacation with my Dad in the US when I bought it. I was around 14 years old at the time if I’m not mistaken. It was probably one of the most played CDs at home because we loved listening to Jagged Little Pill. It came to the point that we can no longer play it due to the scratches it has sustained. Continue reading “20 Years of Jagged Little Pill”

NuevoStage: Booking Service for Bands

NuevoStage screenshot

Mashable refers NuevoStage as a Groupon for Concerts. NuevoStage is for bands who would like to book for gigs. The band will have to rely on “buyer participation” to get a gig. For instance, if a band will get 50 ticket buyers, the show will go on and the fans’ credit cards will be charged respectively. However, if a band will get less than 50 ticket buyers, the show won’t push through and the fans’ credit cards won’t be charged. Continue reading “NuevoStage: Booking Service for Bands”

Sugarfree’s Farewell Concert

Sugarfree Farewell Concert - 116
Jal, Mitch, Ebe, Kaka

I remember when I first heard of Sugarfree’s songs, I bought a copy of their album “Sa Wakas”. I went to some of their bar gigs and joined their mailing list. I can’t believe that last night’s farewell concert is their last performance ever before the day there’s no more Sugarfree. Continue reading “Sugarfree’s Farewell Concert”

Bamboo is officially disbanded

Bamboo at MTV Exit 14
Bamboo at MTV Exit

Even before an official statement was made, the news about Bamboo disbanding spread throughout the social networks like a forest fire. I was shocked and sad to see them disband. Bamboo has posted the official announcement on their website. Continue reading “Bamboo is officially disbanded”