The Crossbreed Coffee Beanies

Coffee Beanies

If you are not are not fond of planners and you are into cute stuff and loves coffee at the same time, you could get one of these Coffee Beanies at Gloria Jean’s. All you need is to get a card from Gloria Jean’s and order 4 Large drinks to get one of these. 😀 The pink unicorn that looks like a crossbreed of a pig and a unicorn is a must have! It’s cute yet it looks strange. Hehe. 😀

No Washing of Vehicles Sign

No Washing of Vehicles

I found this sign at the foot of the grotto in Paraiso ni Anton in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. I was reading the sign and noticed that they were quite specific in a number of things such as “No Washing of Vehicles” and “No Dumping of Garbage and Dead Animals”. I find it peculiar and funny at the same time. 😀 I was wondering if there were people who were penalized for washing vehicles or for dumping dead animals there since I really cannot dig the possibility of people washing their vehicles in front of a tourist spot and even the dumping of dead animals :D.

European Taste in the heart of Kalentong

Paris with Mami?

If you think that there is nothing to see in Kalentong except for the jeepneys and pedestrians walking everywhere, there’s a food stall beside the road selling Pares and Mami. To add the saucy factor to it, inspite for the fact that the food itself has sauce, they spelled it out as Paris (which is my hypothesis). It adds European flavor to the name of the dish :D.

Out of Order


Jokes being passed around through SMS are common nowadays. And this is true for the one liner jokes (also known as the quotable quotes from the tangibles). However, nothing beats the classic joke where the one did not really intend to crack a joke. Just last Tuesday night, we were at Saguijo to watch Rinka’s gig. Apparently, Rich ordered for something that was not available and the waiter blurted out,

Out of order po yan ma’am.

While, the waiter was saying that, he really looked serious about it. We tried our best not to laugh but unfortunately, our best was not good enough. If this story is written in a comic book, there will be a bubble thought saying that “Hey, I thought the term out of order is only applicable to toilets and such?”.

Dear GI Joe

This is the second part of the Dear (insert a name here) series. Our letter sender for this day is C/Pvt. Ryan. He is a soldier from Florida and he does not want to disclose his age because his colleagues will know which Ryan he is.

Dear GI Joe,

I’ve been watching GI Joe several years back. The cartoon series influenced me in such a way that I decided to become a soldier like you. Recently, I read the story of George Lindemann, Jr. and I became frustrated because I could have been the 6th richest man in Florida. It’s all your fault GI Joe.

C/Pvt. Ryan

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