And they Kissed Dating Goodbye

My high school friend and her soon-to-be-husband indeed kissed dating goodbye. I’m quite sure that she told me about her suitors way back in college that she turned down. Also, I’ve never heard of her speaking about a suitor the last time we saw each other (which is about 2 or 3 months ago). And now, I got a phone call this morning from her inviting me to her upcoming wedding. At first, I thought it was a joke for I haven’t heard anything from her about having a boyfriend or getting engaged. It was a big surprise for me and for our whole batch as well. Nevertheless, congratulations to my friend Ruth Jade and cheers to the soon-to-be-wedded couple.

On our small chit-chat over the phone, she told me that the lucky guy is her church-mate. Ruth Jade and her soon-to-be husband are both Mormons. If you happen to see a Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints Church, that’s where they held their Sunday Mass. I wonder how would RJ look like in her wedding gown. Hehe! Thus, I should bring my camera there so that I could also share it with our other batchmates as well.

In the Paint

Way back in High School, I played in the basketball-for-girls sophomore team. I was neither the one who led the team to victory nor the one who has been generating fouls or whatsoever. In fact, I‚Äôve made only one field goal. A historical field goal that was vividly remembered by my former teammate and my high school friend Chedar.(thanks for reminding me) who assisted me to the only shot that I made and that goes for all of the games that we played. I can vividly recall that moment when she passed to me the ball seeing that no one was guarding me. Maybe it‚Äôs because that I was not wearing a basketball shoes known by the names of Nike, and or Adidas or maybe it‚Äôs just that they‚Äôd never thought that I would be able to shoot that ball. I just wore my trusty old sneakers that goes by the brand name of Sketcher‚Äôs. I just froze for a split second after the ball was passed to me and then, I took the shot. That was the first game that we played and the first shot that I made. And that was the only game that we won. Continue reading “In the Paint”

Going Back to Imma

Last Thursday, I went to the High School Graduation of my dear alma mater, which is Immaculate Heart of Mary College (formerly known as Immaculate Heart of Mary School when I graduated). I was invited by my former teachers along with the Valedictorian of our batch who happens to be a good friend of mine and that is Ruth Canlas (2003 Top 10 Most Outstanding Students of the Philippines). They were actually expecting the three of us, and the other one is Ronald Mercado who happens to be busy on that day since it’s already tax season. I guess you already have a clue with regards to his line of work. Our tandem, most especially in the Chemistry class, was quite known in the batch. We had an investigatory project where the three of us plus one of our friends were in the same group. Our investigatory project back then was the development of a medicine in minimizing asthma attacks. We really didn’t use chemicals. I guess the proper term for that would be alternative medicine since we used raddish as the main ingredient. Before the school year ended, we ran independently for a position in the Student Council. Since running independently does not seem to appeal to the students unlike in DLSU, we lost since some would think of it as a popularity contest or a beauty pageant. Despite of that, we were one of the few people that were appointed to be part of a cetain committee.

Going back to the topic, when I got at IHMC, some of the teachers were not able to recognize me. I guess it’s because of the sudden change of my hair-do and that is the bangers hair-do (bangs plus just-over-the-shoulders hair-length) to the layered style. Hehe! After the commencement exercises, they treated us some dinner which surprised us. And some of the teachers there were even looking for my brother even if he studied there up to grade three. Well, who could ever forget him, he’s the one who made the teachers cry. Haha! And who could forget his Beatles haircut? And who could forget his role as Georgy Porgy? They were even asking me to tell my brother to go there and bring his kids. Hehe!

IHMS 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming

The sponsoring batches for the 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming of IHMS are Batch 1999 and Batch 1994. I’m from Batch 1999, my brother is from Batch 1994 although he stayed there up to grade 3 and my younger sister is from Batch 2003. After entering the campus, I looked first for my High School girl bestfriend, Ruth Jade. She was our Class Valedictorian and I could still recall how she moved the batch and the parents of the students to tears upon reciting her Valedictory Address. I lost contact with her after first year college. I lost her landline number and there was no way of contacting her. And when we had our OJT, one of my blockmates met her at J&J and I was able to get her contact number. However, I lost my phone. So, I lost her contact number again. It was only this year that I was able to get in touch with her again because one of my High School friends bumped into her a month ago. She has not changed that much since I last saw her. She’s still the same Ruth Jade that I have known. Too bad our group is not complete. Charina and Ronald were not able to join us there. They have work on a Saturday.

Also, I was able to see again my former teachers. My favorite teacher was there (Physics Teacher) and the teacher who interviewed me before our High School Graduation. There was also some celebrity alumni there like the one from Passage who was from Elementary Batch 1986 and Nyoy Volante who played the role of Saint Francis of Assisi for a school play.

Lastly, it was my first time to hear again our Alma Mater Hymn after five years. The funny thing was the Emcees for the night who came from Batches 2003 and 2004 were only able to sing a few lines from the song even though they parted the school only for some time.


At last, I will be acquiring my very own Alumni Card. I remember when I graduated from High School, I was complaining that why we do not have Alumni Cards. It is only after 5 years that Alumni Cards may be acquired. Thus, I applied for an Alumni Card. The Alumni Card will be sent via snail mail after 30 days.

The Sole Purpose of a Batch Mailing List

Mailing lists have been one of the most used mediums of communication asides from personal e-mail, snail mail, mobile phone and home telephone. For the past few days, there was a stir in one of the Yahoo! Groups where I belong to. Maybe this has been designed for spreading announcements (which is the common notion) with just a few clicks. However, some of us have forgotten that the utmost purpose (underlying purpose I must say) of the mailing lists is to foster friendships whether it is long distance or not. Because of what has transpired recently, I have witnessed that its underlying purpose was defeated.

In a mailing list (as in mailing list of a batch), is where you would want to share what’s-been-happening-to-you or what’s-been-keeping-you-busy news lately. You share it whether that they would care about it or not. In a mailing list, you could simply talk about anything under the sun, be it a good movie that you’ve just watched recently, a good book that you would want the others to read, a restaurant that you’ve discovered recently, issues in politics, or a bad day that you have just gone through.
Mailing lists should foster friendships. If you’re impatient about receiving tons of e-mail whether you think of it as worth reading or not, I guess this is not for you. Before I end this post, below are the house rules of the mailing list.

1. Use proper subject heading.
For example, if you have something to announce be it a garage sale, event or a job opening, use

ANNOUNCEMENT: whatever you want to put here

If you have an invitation to make such as birthday parties, and reunions:
INVITATION: whatever you want to put here

2. Avoid sending chain letters.

3. When sending e-mails that were forwarded to you, edit the subject heading accordingly.
If you think that it is profound:

[worth reading] whatever the e-mail is about

If you think that it is something funny:
[funny ito promise!] whatever the e-mail is about

4. If you think that the e-mail you received from the mailing list is not important for you. It is best to just keep it to yourself in order to avoid debates that could break the group apart.

5. Never call an e-mail a trash mail even if it does not concern you. It is not polite to call an e-mail a trash mail.

The Missing Batchmate

Among my High School friends, the one that we were anxiously looking for is our batchmate Ruth Jade Canlas. The last time that I have seen her was when she returned my yearbook. Bad luck stroke when I lost her landline number that I have gotten from my blockmate. They knew each other because they were having their OJT at Johnson and Johnson.

Our batchmate RJ is certainly the brightest among our batch. She is our Valedictorian. Everybody was moved to tears while listening to her Valedictory speech during our High School Graduation. She is even “The Saint” of our batch for she has followed all the rules and is very much consistent in not breaking any one of them just as much as she is devoted to her religion.

When we were in our third year, we were the so-called Power Rangers (because of its popularity at that time) with only one missing member. We were groupmates in our Investigatory Project for our Chemistry class. Our research devoted into finding a way to lessen the number of asthma attacks.

Beyond that, she is certainly a good friend that everybody adores. So, if anyone of you reading this blog is a friend of our missing batchmate and knows how to reach her, please do contact me by e-mail.