Murphy’s Law

Have you ever experienced something like not being able to bring your umbrella and then it rained like there was no tomorrow? Or maybe you could have experienced something like you’re about to print something that is due the next day and then you suddenly ran out of ink or a paper was jammed into the printer. Another classic example would be you have a paper due the next day and then you accidentally turned off the computer without saving your work. I guess we’ve had a handful of experiences like these one and such can be related to Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s law states that “Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance.” I’ve learned this from one of the Lasallian brothers when I was in DLSU last week. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law”

The Fiasco that has Involved my Alma Mater

I just got a forwarded e-mail from one of my classmates in college. It was contributed in and you can read it here. I just want to share to you a line that really struck me.

My school pride is in no way connected to how well we do in sports, so I really don’t care if they take away our awards.

Just recently, my Alma Mater caught in a crossfire because of the eligibility issue. Apparently, it was reported that two players of the Men’s Basketball Team (Mark and Tim) were ineligible to play for the UAAP. Read more for Quebengco’s statement on the said controversy. Continue reading “The Fiasco that has Involved my Alma Mater”

Engineers will remain as Engineers

Boys will be boys. Engineers will remain as one. And green jokes will never be colored red or blue I suppose. During the LPEP before I formally entered college which was defined as the first day of June, we were literally outnumbered (35:5 male-to-female ratio). We played a game where we would shout out loud our chosen body part of a cow everytime our block section is called. It was a totally radical experience for me for I graduated from a coed high school where green jokes seemed to be color yellow. Then, there came a time when I was the only girl in class (excluding the professor). That was only true for our Integral Calculus class. Our professor, being of the conservative of all the conservatives, bad words and other words that would trigger the beep sound in TV and or media as a whole were not allowed. And because she’s Chinese, even my classmates that can converse in Chinese were not allowed to say the Chinese translation of the beep-triggering words.

Then, there came the double-meaning words that would be sensed quickly by the true green minds. Of course, there will be always the class Pong Pagong where he/she would just laugh without knowing why it is funny (Erm… Ignorance is bliss?) or the laughing hyena chemical reaction would take place after five minutes or so. On the contrary, I am not ashame to admit that I am one of those who have a la Flash reflexes when it comes to green funny bones. And being exposed to this in the College of Engineering has made me well adaptive in communicating with different kinds of people.

Not only that, whether green or not, jokes are just one of the ways of destressing yourself. Let me give you an analogy, Toilet duck is your blank milliliters of green jokes, the flush is your laughter and your stress is the poop. And if the joke was that bad, please don’t forget to spray lemon-flavored Lysol.

Grant Cheng: One of the 2005 TOSP Awardees

Another DLSU alumnus has made it to the 2005 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. Beauregard Grant Cheng’s name can be seen in the halls of DLSU even before getting the TOSP. He has always depicted the real epitome of a Christian Achiever for God and Country. He was one of my classmates in college and I can vividly recall how he would sleep through at some of our classes and still managed to be on the top. Congratulations Grant and we’re very proud of you!

COE alumnus, Star Scholar makes it to 2005 TOSP list

College of Engineering alumnus and Star Scholar Beauregard Grant Cheng (BS MEM ’05) was recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP). He received the award from President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in a ceremony held at the Malaca√±ang Palace on July 1. A member of the pioneering batch of the Star Scholars, Cheng graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and Management. He is a recipient of the Br. Gabriel Connon Award during the 142nd De La Salle University-Manila Commencement Exercises. This graduation special award is the highest distinction given to a DLSU-Manila graduate. (read more)

7th Science and Technology Congress at DLSU

Tomorrow is the big day where my misadventures on finding the one whole illustration board would be worth it. And the contents of that one whole illustration board happen to be our undergraduate thesis. Thus, if you happen to be a Lasallian and pass by the Yuchengco lobby most of the time, there’s a high probability that you’ll be seeing our poster presentation there. Also, if you’ll be attending the afternoon Parallel Sessions and you’re from the College of Engineering, there are also high chances that you’ll see my 20-minute presentation.

Our thesis is not supposed to be included in the parallel sessions. In fact, the Science and Technology Congress Secretariat already cleared to us that ours is only for poster presentation only. When I received the copy of the programme last Friday evening, I was surprised that I have to prepare a powerpoint presentation. Thus, instead of sleeping the whole of Sunday afternoon, I was busy designing the powerpoint template (a Lasallian-themed template since it’s faster to prepare this and for the lack of time as well) and the contents of the powerpoint presentation.

I hope that I can deliver the presentation in twenty minutes since there’ll be a lot of Greek stuff to be explained. However, I’m expecting that it will not sound Greek to those who will be attending in the parallel sessions since they’ll be coming from the College of Engineering also.

With that, it will be he first time that I will be absent from work. I was never late and yet, I’ll be acquiring my first record of being absent. Although I may be absent from work, being able to participate in such event is a big opportunity for me.

Job Hunting Extravaganza

And my sister does not even know that there was a Job Expo at DLSU since Monday. How blind could she get? Yuchengco building is just in front of the LS building. In addition to that, there were posters about the Job Expo.

I was able to learn it from one of my thesismates when I texted him, and asked if he already has a job. He said that there’s a Job Expo at DLSU and I was surprised that my sister was not even aware of it.

Since first year college, I’ve seen Job Expo’s and I was aware of such. Of course, in first year, I did not participate in one since I was 4 years away from a college degree. When I reached fourth year images of me getting a diploma and images of me unemployed after graduation popped out and then, Job Expo became a big deal to me. I paid 5 pesos which is the tradition entrance fee and observed what’s like in a Job Expo.

Of course, when I was in fourth year, I did not bother to apply for an SSS number. I applied for it when I was already in my last term. And that was the time when different call centers dominated the Job Expo.

When you go to a mall, you will usually see a bunch of Credit Card people and some Real Estate people giving away brochures and application forms offering you burnaby homes for sale. It was really annoying on my part since I usually wear I-cannot-afford-credit-cards get-up and I-still-cannot-buy-house-and-lots-with-my-allowance. But, I have nothing against the credit card guys and real estate guys. They have a very decent job and they are just making a living. It’s just that they’d remind me of HR’s of call centers on how agressive they are. And when I say agressive, I really mean it.

I know that the call centers here in the Philippines actually helped the others in saving them from the brink of unemployment. And they say that, “A job is still a job.” And also, they’d say that, “It pays well.” Yeah, I know that it pays well only if you agree to live in a vampire lifestyle with an erratic schedule that could be changed every week (so far this is the worst that I’ve heard).

But do you want to limit your potentials just because it pays well? You know that you can do actually better than that and you know that you want to get out of it the soonest time possible.

Anyway, there were a lot of good companies (thank God!). And thank God again, they’re related to the course that I have finished. Of course I’d want an experience which is something related to my course. And that something would make my parents feel happy because they spent a whole lot just for me to finish studying. If that field won’t make me feel contented, I could try another career path which is something related to my interests and just in case you do not know what are my interests, please do check out the Profile section.

That’s it for now. I have another interview tomorrow and a Job Expo to attend to.

Woohoo!!! It’s Accepted!!!

January 21 was the day of anticipation since they will be sending the notification of acceptance (it means that if the paper is accepted or not to be part of the 7th Science and Technology Congress). However, when I checked my mail the next day (Saturday), I did not get any e-mail. In fact, when I got online after watching 5 episodes of Season 5 of Friends, I was already thinking of sending an e-mail to the Science and Technology Congress Secretariat. When I was doing the new layout for my Dad’s company website, and after that, I checked my mail again if there’s something new. And certainly, that one new message in my Gmail inbox is certainly the one that I’ve been anticipating for. The only thing is, I didn’t expect one thing coming.

I clearly stated in the entry form that we will just be joining the poster competition. However, I was surprised to find out that we will also be in the oral competition. It’s not that I don’t want to be in the oral competition. The bottomline is, there will be a lot of preparations than what I have expected.

Oh well, there’s a lot of time before March 2. Hehe! I just have to focus on the manuscript for the mean time. Hehe!

7th Science and Technology Congress

The 7th Science and Technology Congress of De La Salle University will be held at March 2, 2005. The theme for this year’s congress is “Towards National Recovery through Science, Computing, Engineering and Education”. The participating colleges are: College of Computer Studies, College of Education, College of Engineering and College of Science.

A few months ago, our thesis coordinator invited all the thesis groups of our batch to join the said congress. And so, I thought that we should give it a shot. I informed our thesis adviser about it and consulted him if we should consider it for oral competing or for poster presentation. Of course I was not thinking about choosing the third choice which is oral non-competing. Opportunities like this one are once in a blue moon. And to become a part of the congress is already a recognition of the fruits of our hard work during our undergraduate years.

We chose the poster presentation instead of the oral competing since graphic images could tell a lot and is also easy to understand. And in our undergraduate thesis, the jargons used would definitely double the difficulty of understanding the paper unless you have a background on our particular topic.

We are really not after for getting the best so and so but for our study to be published in a special issue of the Journal of Science and Engineering.

Super Size Me

I didn’t know that this particular documentary was shown at Rockwell for a few days. I got this information from Marvin’s blog. I already heard of this documentary ages ago. This documentary reminded me of my thesismate. When we were in our third year college, McDonald’s had a promo where Quarter pounders were available for a cheaper price. Then, he abused the promo by eating two quarter pounders a day. That routine continued until he got hospitalized for having gall stones. Then, he was given medication first before undergoing an operation. The side effect of the medication is that your skin will not be of natural color anymore. Your skin will turn into color yellow. After a series of medications and observations, the doctors suggested that he should be operated instead.

After that kind of experience, my thesismate started to eat something healthy and he became overly conscious of what he’s eating. In the movie Super Size Me, the director subjected himself to eat at McDonald’s for 30 days and have himself checked up for changes in his cholesterol level and such. However, Super Size Me is not just all about McDonald’s. It is all about the fastfood chains and its effects to our health if we would only be eating fastfood for the rest of our lifetime.