A Realization from YouTube’s Live Broadcast of U2’s concert in Rose Bowl

I like the idea of live broadcasts for concerts. It’s a special treat for those who won’t be able to go to the concert because either you are located miles away from the concert venue and you do not have the money to splurge for transportation and ticket prices are not affordable enough. In addition to that, for those who were not able to buy the tickets because it was already sold out. Continue reading “A Realization from YouTube’s Live Broadcast of U2’s concert in Rose Bowl”

WordCamp 2009

I’m glad to be part of WordCamp Philippines 2009 🙂 . My talk was about “WordPress: The Ultimate Content Management System”. I showed the audience on how one can use WordPress as their CMS with the use of templates from WooThemes as an example. My talk was rather not really technical as I didn’t want to show coding during the presentation since I felt that not all people who are present there would understand if I present something that would require them skills such as PHP and HTML. Continue reading “WordCamp 2009”

Apple’s Garage Band Demos

I’ve used my Garage Band to create a remix and to edit some of my mp3s that I’d like to have as ringtones for my iPhone. It’s a sleek software that will make music geeks really happy because of the things you can do with it. For those music geeks, you may want to go some Apple stores today and tomorrow so that you can check the schedules. Continue reading “Apple’s Garage Band Demos”

Live Blogging the Pupil’s Wildlife Special Edition Launch: Another Experiment

Here’s my another attempt at live streaming/live tweeting. This of course will be shown here and on the QIK event page I’ve created. I’m doing this live streaming experiment again because I’ve somehow failed in showing the live stream video during the Big Bite Challenge Media Launch. Continue reading “Live Blogging the Pupil’s Wildlife Special Edition Launch: Another Experiment”

Acer Timeline, Sandbox and Acer Smartphones

I posted three blog entries on my other blog on Acer Aspire Timeline, Sandbox: Social and Mobile and Acer Tempo Smartphone series. The Acer Aspire Timeline is a newest series of laptops from Acer giving mobility its true definition. Sandbox is a new social network that’s mobile and localized. Sandbox is brought to you by Smart Telecommunications. Acer Smartphones is a product of the attempt of Acer to enter into the smartphone industry. You can read more about these on the links provided. 😉

My Eraserheads Live! The Final Set Custom Photo Book Arrived!

My Eraserheads Live Custom Photo Book

After waiting for so long, it finally arrived!!! 😀 I created my own custom photo book using blurb.com because I like the way how I can customize the layouts of the pages and also the ability to add text. 😀 Continue reading “My Eraserheads Live! The Final Set Custom Photo Book Arrived!”

Awesome Philippines: Promoting RP Tourism in the Digital Age

Second Life Preview (exploring RP in second life)

Awesome Philippines is a project of Department of Tourism and MTV Asia. The website, www.awesomephilippines.com, showcases video remixes by various users that are entries for the contest “Remix your Holiday”. The goal is to create a personal video of your dream vacation in the Philippines. The winner of the contest (and his/her friend) will get to experience a free vacation. 😉 In creating the video remixes, you won’t be uploading anything. You’ll just have to choose the photos/videos. Add music to it, add transitions and effects, graphics and text. 🙂 Continue reading “Awesome Philippines: Promoting RP Tourism in the Digital Age”

Recording Eraserheads Final Set as Played on TV


The setup was pretty simple. I used my iPhone with the Griffin iTalk app (quality was set to Best, file format produced is AIFF). No cable was attached to the TV and to the recording device (iPhone). I know this is an amateur bootleg but I’d like to check the results. I enhanced the volume of the audio by amplifying it using Audacity (result is an mp3 file 256kbps). I also added Fade in and Fade out but not on this audio sample (see the audio player below).

Good thing it was quiet in the sofa, plus, the dog was not barking. Good thing he was cooperative. LOL. I had to turn off the electric fan so that its sound won’t be recorded as well. Yep. Sacrifices. 😀

Anyway, I was kinda disappointed with the quality of audio that went with the video shown.

Here’s a sample of the result. I’d like to show more samples but the upload speed right now is so slow. 🙁


Huwag mo nang Itanong

Kailan (lounge)

Ang Huling El Bimbo

By the way, I saw myself too on the concert. LOL. Just my eyes, nose and my camera. It is because the bouncer was blocking me. Argh. 😀

Bo’s Coffee’s Asus Eee PC Treat

Asus EEE PC and Bo's Coffee promo

Asus Philippines in partnership with Bo’s Coffee gives loyal Bo’s Coffee customers a great treat. 🙂 Every 200 peso worth of purchase will give you a chance to win one of the five Asus Eee PCs to be given away. Promo is open from March 15 to May 31. You can know more about the promo here. Continue reading “Bo’s Coffee’s Asus Eee PC Treat”

TechTote Candy Hearts Gadget Bag

My sister posing with the dSLR bag

Noel and Via sent me the TechTote Candy Hearts Gadget Bag (which is made for a dSLR camera) a few days ago (Thanks Noel and Via 🙂 ). In the above photo, my sister is holding the Candy Hearts – Heartbreaker model (colors: black and baby blue). Other colors of this stylish tote bag are: Be Mine (green and yellow), XOXO (purple and pink), Sweetheart (orange and black) and Hot Stuff (red and white). Continue reading “TechTote Candy Hearts Gadget Bag”