Photo Ops in Serendra

Italliani's humongous tarp

We love taking photos and we enjoy doing this especially if everyone is in the mood for being a fool for 10 seconds for every shot. I was with Dad, Claudia and Claude (my bro’s bestfriend) last Sunday and we passed by some huge tarps in Serendra. Since Claude is having his vacation in the Manila (he will be back in Dubai soon), we’ve had some photo sessions there 😀 . Too bad Kuya Jay missed all the fun. He’s still in the US and he will be back next week.

Dad got a copy of The Bloomfields’ debut album

My Dad went to the album launch (the day of Lakan’s birthday – keyboardist of the band) of The Bloomfields in Eastwood City. He’s a big fan of The Bloomfields. When I got home, he showed me the album signed by all of them. When I looked at the album credits under Lakan’s name I saw DLSU 54th Eng Block EB. I had the chance to be in that section once for the subject Strength of Materials and yes, Lakan was my classmate then. During that time, we really had no interaction. I only found out that we became classmates when my friend Norman introduced me to them in one of their gigs (he was with Weedisneys then). Pepe Lozano was also with Weedisneys too. If I’m not mistaken that was the event that was organized by some organization in DLSU. It was held in Madison (the condominium near Kenny Rogers DLSU Taft).

The WWE Fans

John Cena (Lance's version)

My nephews are a big fan of WWE. This is pretty much obvious in the above picture where Lance poses as John Cena. In addition, Justin (Lance’s twin) posed as Umaga. Aside from those, my brother helped them collect all the slam cards from 7-11. Of course, he bought most of the cards from the kids outside 7-11 in Better Living so that he could complete it. Continue reading “The WWE Fans”

Dad was in Inquirer

Last Friday night, I had a photo shoot with Dad and yes, he was my model. The photo was used for the ACPAPP Supplementary which was available with Philippine Daily Inquirer dated January 23, 2007. During the photo shoot, we even argued about the whole body photograph which he insisted and the half body photograph that I suggested. The whole body photograph that I took was later on cropped. Hehe. 😀

It seems that Dad’s getting another dose of exposure in PDI after his article being published there in 2003 and after being interviewed on his comment on the Toll Price Hike. 😀

Christmas 2006

We spent our Noche Buena at our place in Siniloan, Laguna. It is a Christmas eve where we do not have internet access and as well as Cable TV. My brother just played basketball and both of my siblings had a jump shot for the lack of something to do. Aside from that, they forced Lola Pining to have her picture taken even though she’s not wearing her false teeth. Dad even posed as a chef even if he’s not the one who cooked the food last night. Aside from that, our dear brother forced us to pose as if we did not like the presents that we received which is exactly the way Justin looked like after not opening a toy as a present. Continue reading “Christmas 2006”

The traditional first paycheck blowout

zong appetizer

It has been a custom to treat your family after receiving your first paycheck. Just this evening, Claudia treated us at Zong for dinner. When we arrived there, we thought that it will take time for us to be seated. We’re plain lucky that all the other guests belong to a group of more than ten. If you’re going to treat a big group, I suggest you and treat your family or friends at Zong for lunch or for dinner. It’s also good to make a reservation so that you won’t have to wait in line.

Accidents happen

I just cannot believe the email that I’ve read awhile ago. I’m here at an Internet shop at Singapore, just a few steps from the hotel. It’s about my cousin Audrey, her husband Damien and their child. They had a car accident at around 12:30 am last Sunday (PST) on their way home. The car fell of an enbankment and burned. All of them died. When I was 14 years old, that was the first and the last time that I got the chance to hang out with Audrey. She brought me some place where we could play mini golf and we ate out like pigs even if our stomach was full already. I was hoping to meet Audrey and her family by the time I will go to US for a vacation before my US Visa will expire. Unfortunately, that would not happen anymore. All that I will get to see there are their pictures showing how happy they were when they’re still alive.

I know that this would hurt Tito Burt, Tita Yolly and Kevin because Audrey has always been really sweet. To Audrey and family, we will surely miss you.

Today is my Dad’s Birthday

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Tomorrow we will be celebrating it at Dish, Quezon City because he wants to watch Bloomfields. In case you do not know, Bloomfields are mostly known for their covers of Beach Boys songs. However, do not have a misconception that Bloomfields are composed of members that are in their 40’s. In fact, they are around my age. They are composed of JJ Lozano (on guitars), Louie Poco (on bass), Pepe Lozano (also on guitars, Lakan Hila (on keyboards), and Rocky Collado (on drums). Surprisingly, Lakan was my classmate in one of the general engineering subjects (Strength of Materials) way back in college. Our block was merged with their block (Industrial Engineering block) for that particular class. By the way, all of them hailed from La Salle Greenhills. Join their Yahoo!Groups if you want to know more about Bloomfields and also get to know some latest updates from the band.

Making a la Puss in Boots face

My nephews and Carol was discussing earlier about how they are good in swimming. It’s like one of those “payabangan ng lolo” sessions but they are really referring to about themselves. They are really funny. They were even demonstrating it. For instance, they were doing the popular shark swim style. In my childhood days I usually do that one. Well, almost all are doing the shark swim style as a joke. Then, they were asking Mom to go to our Uncle’s house so that they could swim. Then my Mom said yes and they were screaming their hearts out, “YEHEY!” while they were jumping. Then, when my brother arrived my nephews told him that they wanted to go swimming. However, their excitement was turned to frustration when he would not let them swim. Afterwards, Justin was all quiet and was making ala Puss in boots face. With that, my brother gave them the permission to swim at our Uncle’s place.