Bye Lola

Sunset experiment

It has been a week since Lola Pining passed away. I remember when we were still kids, Lola was our guardian every time Dad went out of town for work. It has been always like that until we became older. Lola would usually pour her cup of coffee on her rice during breakfast which I think some may find weird like when I dipped pandesal into my glass of Coca-Cola. Continue reading “Bye Lola”

Macau: Not just the Las Vegas of Asia

Streets of Macau at Night

I went to Macau last November 21 with my Dad, Kuya Jay and Claudia. It was the first time for us to be together to travel to an international destination. We went there to celebrate Dad’s birthday. Upon arrival at the hotel, we had dinner at some Chinese restaurant which is around 2 blocks away from Casa Real (the hotel where we stayed at). Continue reading “Macau: Not just the Las Vegas of Asia”

Happy Birthday to my Nephews

Happy 7th Birthday Justin and Lance
7th birthday of Justin and Lance at Shakey’s

They’re now officially 8 years old. 😀 My nephews are growing up so fast. They are PSP and Wii gamers but are also inclined to sports. They say they wanted something ‘basketball’ for their birthday but I’m sure that it’s not a ball since they already have one. 😀 Continue reading “Happy Birthday to my Nephews”

Celebrated with Mom at Cyma Estiatorio

Baby Back Ribs at Cyma
Full Slab Baby back ribs with potatoes

We had dinner with Mom at Cyma Estiatorio at Greenbelt 2 to celebrate this special day with her. Well, for me, any day with Mom is a special day. 🙂 Special days such as Mother’s day and the like are always being commercialized that establishments would either have a sale or a promo. Continue reading “Celebrated with Mom at Cyma Estiatorio”