4R Prints for 5 Pesos each?

Sunset in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur
Above photo included in one of the 10 prints 🙂

I was not aware about this Fuji Film Promo when my sister asked me a favor to have her digital images printed. I added 10 additional photos to make it 101 photos. 😀 The promo is you can have digital prints (4R size) if you print 101 photos. The promo is until June 30 only. 🙂 Do not forget to ask for the free photo albums. Hehe!

The Vince Noir Project

The Vince Noir Project, as described in their MySpace profile, belongs to the Psychedelic, Indie, Electronica genre. I bumped into them after they finished recording at Road Runner (our office is in the same building with Road Runner). They are composed of Aless (Vocals), Diego Mapa (His Royal Madness, synths and other electronic requirements), and Tani (Guitars). Continue reading “The Vince Noir Project”

Have you watched Justin.TV?

Justin.TV is like the popular TV show Big Brother in some ways. Justin wears the camera 24 hours, 7 days a week. And that is even if he’s in the bathroom or on a date. And according to the website, he’ll wear the camera until the day he dies. It was launched on March 19 and it has been running online for nine days already 😀 . Continue reading “Have you watched Justin.TV?”

No Starbucks Coffee Break in RP?

Chamomile Tea


Via Slashfood, there will be a Starbucks Coffee Break on the 15th of March between 10am to 12noon where all company-operated and licensed Starbucks in USA and Canada and they will be giving away Tall cups of coffee to anyone who drops by. Other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Greater China will have it on a different date. Continue reading “No Starbucks Coffee Break in RP?”

eBay Find: 80GB MP3 Hard disk

I was searching for mobile hard disks in eBay. One particular listing got my attention. It has a subject heading 80GB MP3 Hard Drive for Business. The item has a starting bid of 12,000 Pesos and is being sold for 13,000 Pesos. I read the description of the item and the seller claims that it is loaded with 15,200 songs. Aside from the mp3s, other goodies are also included (tutorials and other stuff). However this listing promotes piracy and we all know that this is against the user rights agreement of eBay.

“Potentially Infringing” means that items may be in violation of certain copyrights, trademarks or other rights. For your protection, some items here are not allowed (“prohibited”), regardless of the legality of these particular items, because they almost always violate copyright or trademark laws.

Continue reading “eBay Find: 80GB MP3 Hard disk”

eBay listing customization

The default design of an eBay template listing is quite dull. For those who are getting something by selling stuff on ebay, it would be nice if they could incorporate designs. For those who do not know HTML stuff, you could download free ebay templates. The zip file of Auction Template 1 contains some photos that you could use to spice up your listing while Auction Template 2 contains a text file with the HTML codes that you need. Continue reading “eBay listing customization”

High-tech Fortune telling

Manang Bola (fortune teller in Batibot) wanna-be’s may get hold of this high-tech and stylish fortune ball. This is invented by Dr. Ming Fang. This fortune ball uses the Chinese calendar, theories of Astrology, Numerology, I Ching and Biorhythms. Aside from what I have mentioned, you must tell the fortune ball of your accurate birthdate and time which is indicated on our birth certificate. It will tell you your fortune for any given day up 30 days in advance. In addition, you can have a recap of what’s the last 30 days like. If you’re expecting that the fortune ball would speak to you of what’s going to happen, we’ll have to wait for some time for that. It is basically color coded (red = common fortune, purple = rising fortune, green = good fortune, light blue = great fortune, and dark blue = supreme fortune) Continue reading “High-tech Fortune telling”

Yahoo Mail Beta

It was April when Pinoytechblog reported on Yahoo Mail Beta and after a few months, I was able to give it a try a few minutes ago of its Microsoft Outlook look-and-feel. What I liked about it is that you can read your RSS feeds there. By default, the RSS feeds that you will be getting is the Yahoo Mail Updates and the Yahoo News Full coverage. Clicking the Calendar and Notepad will bring you though to its previous look-and-feel. The banner ad that you will usually see on the top is now located on the right most side. You do not have to turn to the next page to be able to see your older messages. All you have to do is to scroll down and you will be surprised how fast it is. And if you think I am using a DSL connection, you’re wrong. Hehe. I’m just using dial up. And if you still want to switch back to its original interface, you can do that too!

The Magic Wallet

trictrac I bought a wallet that is similar to this one. However, the material used in the picture is better than that of the one that I had acquired about a month ago at Tiendesitas. The price on the website selling that item is around USD 30 which is roughly 1,500 bucks when converted to the Philippine currency. Guess what? I got mine for only a 100 bucks that provides the same functionality and at the same amusement to my friends. I would not recommend you to place your credit cards and ATM cards there though. Just place there your 20-peso and 50-peso bills. A 100-peso bill is acceptable but do not place a lot of them there. You would not want to lose a huge amount of money just in case you accidentally drop it. Hehe.