I’ve seen from the Imago Mailing List that Aia de Leon (the vocalist of the band and guitarist as well) is taking up Capoeira lessons. You’ll notice it everytime they play Anino which is an upbeat track from their album Take Two. Capoeira is a form of martial arts that originated in Brazil. Capoiera is always played with music. It would not be Capoeira if there is no music since the tempo in the music sets the style of the game. Capoeira is not aimed in destroying the opponent. It’s something like more of showing off your skills.

To give you more idea of what’s Capoeira like, if you have played Tekken 3 and have used Eddie Gordo as the player (one of my favorites in Tekken), you might have noticed his moves involve a lot of acrobatic stunts (like breakdancing which evolved from Capoeira).

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